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Congratulations! You’ve just taken the first step towards Getting Lean! Here you’ll find the bestselling and most relevant products to help you reach your goal, not to mention our e-book, Muscle Plan | Get Lean! –  jam-packed with workout programmes, nutrition plans, recipes, tips & tricks, and much, much more! Oh! Did we forget to mention there’s also a special offer available on our Get Lean package?


Our recommendations to get lean


Whey Perfection

Whey Perfection is one of our bestselling sources of protein. As you probably know, protein is an essential nutrient that helps grow and maintain muscle mass, as well as maintain healthy bones. And whey is an excellent source of protein. That’s why we recommend it to help you reach your ‘Gain Muscle’ goals. But what are ‘whey’ and ‘whey protein’ exactly? Whey is a by-product of milk processing, and whey protein – as its name suggests – is the protein extracted from this by-product. Body & Fit uses only the highest-grade whey protein extracts. What’s more, we take these to create Whey Perfection in 36 flavours?

Which one’s your favourite flavour?


Fat Burner

If your goal’s to get lean right now, or you’re planning to get ripped after first bulking up, you’ll already know the main aim is to lose body fat. But how? By eating well, training right and cutting your calorie intake. Your body starts burning its fat reserves to make up for the shortfall. We know how hard this is and how hard you’re already working, which is why we recommend these products as part of your ‘Get Lean’ goals. A wide selection of fat burners is available to choose from in various formulations.

Which formulation is perfect for you?


Muscle Protect

If your goal’s to get lean, you’ll already know that the main aim is to lose body fat. But the last thing you’ll want to do while getting lean is to lose that hard-earned extra muscle you just packed on! Low in sugar and fat, Muscle Protect is a source of amino acids – the building blocks of proteins – and vitamin B6, which contributes to normal protein metabolism. So, when you’re getting ripped, it’s a smart way to improve the nutritional value of the proteins in your diet while on reduced calorie intake.

Don’t lose that hard-earned muscle!

Get Lean

Our dedicated team of trainers and nutritionists has compiled Muscle Plan – Get Lean! to give you everything you need to know and do to cut your fat percentage and define those muscles, ready for the summer. A.k.a. the art of cutting or getting ripped! This nine-week workout programme and nutrition plan will guide you step by step to a new, ripped you! Take the first step towards gaining extra muscle mass:

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