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Boldking Giftbox

  • Absolutely everything that a man needs
  • For a complete shave
  • A full gift package: ready to give

Product Overview

The Start set

Where it all began: the Boldking Start set contains a Boldking razor with one blade and a handy suspension system with suction cup. The Boldking razor blades are flexible and can move independently of each other. This ensures that the blades always make contact with the skin and precisely follow the shape of the face. Even hard to shave areas like under your nose are easy to reach with a Boldking razor. Due to the wider distance between the blades, the resistance for each hair is minimal and the blades are easy to rinse. Now you can easily hang up the razor with the supplied suspension system with suction cup!

Shaving Gel & Aftershave Cream

Shaving Gel is packed with natural oils to prepare and protect your skin for shaving. The rich gel helps soften your hair which makes the razor blade effortlessly glide over your skin, giving you a better and more pleasant shave. The smart formula prevents ingrown hairs and nasty shaving rash. Contains almond oil and cactus fig oil to prepare and protect the skin. The anti-ageing properties of cactus fig oil allow your skin to look and smell younger. Boldking Aftershave Cream is an aftershave which is quickly absorbed and calms, smooths and hydrates the skin. The cream has a pleasant, subtle scent. Apply after shaving for a smooth skin and a fresh and cared feeling. Packed with natural ingredients such as argan oil, jojoba oil, shea butter and cactus fig oil. Contains panthenol which prevents irritation. This is the same product that tattooists use to calm the skin after tattooing. This aftershave cream is free from parabens and sulphates!

Foaming Shower Gel

This light Foaming Shower Gel will have your entire body smelling of the distinctive Boldking scent. By mixing the gel with water a generous amount of foam is created which is easy to apply all over your body. Unlike other soaps, this gel has a gentle effect on your skin. The Foaming Shower Gel is packed with plant based ingredients!


  • Absolutely everything that a man needs
  • For a complete shave
  • A full gift package: ready to give
  • For you or anyone else!
  • Filled with natural ingredients

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