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Boldking The Startset

  • Everything you’ll need for a shave
  • Durable rubber holder with flexible blade
  • Handy suction cup to hang up holder

Product Overview

Start set from Boldking for a strong shave!

Where it all began: the Boldking Start set contains a Boldking razor with one blade and a handy suspension system with suction cup. The Boldking razor blades are flexible and can move independently of each other. This ensures that the blades always make contact with the skin and precisely follow the shape of the face. Even hard to shave areas like under your nose are easy to reach with a Boldking razor. Due to the wider distance between the blades, the resistance for each hair is minimal and the blades are easy to rinse. Now you can easily hang up the razor with the supplied suspension system with suction cup!

Why it's a Fit

Everything you need for a shave with Boldking. The set contains one anti-slip handle and one blade which is flexible and easy to clean

About Boldking

Boldking offers unique razor blades, which follow the curves of your body and a skin care line which naturally strengthens your skin. The brand is best known for its highly-flexible shaver head. The razor blades match your shaving style and even smooth out the hard to reach places. Boldking’s skin care range features real must-haves to get you started in the morning and support you throughout your day. All Boldking products are packed with natural ingredients.


  • The Boldking razor!
  • Follow the shape of your face and body
  • Less resistance due to the space between each blade
  • Simple to keep clean
  • With a waterproof holder to fastening in the shower

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