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Weight Gain Bundle - Massive Gainer

Body & Fit
  • Everything you need to gain weight in the easiest way possible
  • Best quality products- including vitamins, minerals and nutrients, to help you reach your weight goals
  • A complete bundle to support you in every step of your journey- before, after and during your workout;
$216.94 $139.99

Product Overview

MASSIVE GAINER With Massive Gainer, the new kid on the block in the realm of weight gainers, it has never been easier to consume enough calories. With this shake you won’t only be enjoying a delicious creamy taste, you’ll also reap the benefits of over 1000 calories and 50 grams of protein! CREAPURE® CREATINE Looking to increase your performance in the gym, on the pitch or court? Creatine is proven to increase performance in repeated bursts of high intensity exercise. Our premium Creapure® Creatine powder uses the industry standard source of creatine monohydrate - Creapure® - and has 3g per serving. PROFESSIONAL PACK Professional Pack is a comprehensive all-action vitamin, mineral and nutrient support pack. The pack includes an ‘A-Z’ vitamin and mineral tablet, a ‘Muscles Essentials AM’ and ‘Muscles Essentials PM’ capsule, a vitamin D tablet and fish oil capsule. AMINO X Prepare for your workout by enjoying Amino X from BSN beforehand as well as during and after exercise. A refreshing, sugar free amino acid powder, Amino X is packed with 10g of amino acids per serving that includes 4g of BCAAs, 3.5g of L-arginine and 2.5g of taurine. 24HR MUSCLE ESSENTIALS Give your muscles the support they need day and night with this handy multi-vitamin. Designed with athletes in mind, our 24hr Muscle Essentials is packed with key vitamins and minerals to support your daily intake. SHAKER 2.0 - 700ML The Body & Fit Shaker Cup 2.0 features a new type of webbing that locks into place in the lid. This webbing ensures a perfectly mixed protein shake every time. The cup’s slim design also makes this the perfect shaker to take with you on the go. It easily slides in your bag and it’s perfect seal will prevent any spillage.




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