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One Per Day Omega-3 Fish Oil

Puritan's Pride
  • Essential fatty acid
  • 1,360mg Ester-Omega® Fish Oil per softgel
  • 625mg EPA per softgel

Product Overview

Omega 3 softgel from Puritans Pride to help keep you on top of your game

Support your active lifestyle with a well-balanced diet. These softgels from Puritans Pride are packed with high-quality Omega 3 derived from fish oil, an essential fatty acid best known for its EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docohexaenoic acid) content. DHA is proven to maintain brain function and vision. Each softgel has with 950mg of Omega 3, equivalent to 625mg EPA and 244mg DHA.


  • Essential fatty acid
  • 1,360mg Ester-Omega® Fish Oil per softgel
  • 625mg EPA per softgel
  • 244mg DHA per softgel
  • DHA supports brain function and normal vision
  • 90 softgels per pack

Suggested Use

Take one softgel a day, preferably with a meal.

Nutritional Information

Nutritional information will be shown when a flavour and/or size is selected.

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating (4.7)
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Un producto esencial para el sapiens moderno

Review by NovoSapiens on Mar 5, 2021
Las cápsulas llegaron en perfecto estado y no presentan olores fuertes más que en el primer momento tras quitar el recinto. Los ácidos grasos EPA y DHA son imprescindibles para el funcionamiento general de nuestro organismo y deberíamos obtenerlos de la alimentación. Desgraciadamente, me resulta difícil salir a cazar animales salvajes y comerme sus vísceras por los alrededores de mi barrio, que es lo que hemos estado haciendo durante millón y medio de años y hasta hace apenas 5000 años. Así que tenemos que recurrir a buenos suplementos como este. ;)
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the best omega 3 in one

Review by martha on Feb 26, 2021
I take omega 3 since years, for me the best at good price
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Omega 3

Review by Yvonne on Dec 5, 2020
Goed product. Makkelijk in te nemen. En geen vieze nasmaak. Ik beveel het aan.
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Good Price High Quality

Review by Pedro on Oct 20, 2020
I really like you only need to take one tablet per day to get all the necessary Omega 3 you need, better pay a little more for better quality than go for a cheaper brand. I will for sure buy this one again once it is available!
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very good product - no aftertaste but big capsules

Review by AndreaH on Apr 19, 2020
I have bought this product more than once. The capsules are really big, but Omega-3 capsules usually are big. One getes used to it. I do not understand why a customer complained about the aftertaste of this product. When you swallow the capsule down in one go and neither bite on it nor consume it with a hot drink (-> the heat might damage the capsule and thus the oil could leak into your mouth), you will have no problem. I have been taking various Omega-3 products for at least five years, and I have never come into contact with any aftertaste.
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Beste (hoogste) dosering

Review by Michiel on Apr 4, 2020
Voor mensen die op zoek zijn naar het hoogst gedoseerde omega-3 supplement voor een betaalbare prijs, dit is het. Bovendien in ideale verhouding EPA/DHA. PS aan de persoon die aanraadt "niet meer dan 2 pillen per week te nemen": dan let je best ook op om niet meer dan 2x per week (vette) vis te eten...
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Omega 3

Review by Egon on Oct 21, 2019
Goede dosering en makkelijk in te nemen zonder nasmaak 👍🏻
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Goed product echter te hoog gedoseerd

Review by Dinesh on Jun 26, 2019
Te veel Omega 3 kan averechts werken. Voor gezonde mensen niet meer dan twee capsules per week.
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Hoort bij een gebalanceerde dieet

Review by Harry on Jun 8, 2019
Altijd gebruiken er is geen betere bron van omega 3
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Prompte levering als resultaat van een vlot verlopend logistiek proces.

Review by J.F.J.M on Jun 8, 2019
Prima product. Ik voel me er goed bij.
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