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Beauty Skin Duo

Body & Fit
  • Look and feel better from within

  • SkinAx2™ proprietary blend of Champagne grape extract, vitamin C, zinc and French melon extract

  • Vitamin C aids collagen formation

  • Zinc helps maintain hair, skin and nails

  • 30 capsules per pack


Product Overview

Beauty combination capsule to help you look and feel better

Look and feel better from within thanks to our premium new Beauty Skin Duo. Body&Fit’s SkinAx2™ – a proprietary combination of Champagne grape extract, vitamin C, zinc and French melon extract – helps to improve the appearance of your skin by increasing skin luminosity, skin elasticity and firmness. Vitamin C also supports normal collagen formation of the skin, while zinc helps maintain your hair, skin and nails. Beauty Skin Duo comes in the latest duo cap format, where an outer shell of argan oil evening primrose oil surrounds the Ski–Ax2™ – the perfect combo!


  • Unique formula with argan oil, evening primrose oil and SkinAX2™
  • Boost your inner beauty
  • Vitamin C is important for the skin
  • Zinc is good for your hair and nails
  • Duocap™, 2-in-1 supplement

Suggested Use

Take one capsule a day, preferably before breakfast.

Nutritional Information



Beauty Skin Duo Nutritional Information 1

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