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We love natural deodorant - Lovely Lavender

We love the planet
  • 100% natural and organic deodorant
  • Packaged in handy compact container
  • Works deodorising, hydrating and soothing

Product Overview

Feeling fresh in a natural way! The We Love natural deodorant is made from only natural, organic ingredients and is available in 5 fresh scents.

Deodorant is essential for a great, fresh feeling. Of course we want to experience this all day long and is even more important when you have an active lifestyle. Common deodorants are often packet with chemicals and unnatural substances. These aren’t good for skin and can even cause irritation. The We Love deodorant is made from 100% natural, organic ingredients and does not contain synthetic, polluting ingredients that are bad for you and our planet.


Handy, wherever you are!

The natural deodorant is packed in a handy, compact container. That way you can take it wherever you go and use it when you need it. Also, the deodorant is not liquid but spreadable. Ideal when you go flying, go to a festival or on other occasions where you are normally not allowed to take deodorant or liquids. Go natural! Usually deodorants contain many unnatural substances, chemical substances that are bad for our skin. These substances may even cause irritation. You may know the feeling, the tingling sensation under your armpit when applying deodorant after shaving. Not pleasant! Contrary to regular deodorants, We Love natural deodorant hydrates and soothes. The soft cream is easily absorbed by the skin and does not clog the pores. It helps you stay fresh in a natural way! The scents: Sweet Serenity: a subtle scent of rose oil with honey and soft herbs Forever Fresh: a refreshing scent of citrus fruit, oils and herbs Lovely Lavender: a beautiful bouquet of wild and grown lavender Mighty Mint: an invigorating scent of mint and fragrant rosemary Original Orange: be seduced by the irresistibly intense scent of pure oil and Spanish tangerine About We love the planet: The We Love The Planet brand came from our love for the planet. With a strong interest in what is in it and where it comes from. Aspects that are carefully considered when developing We Love The Planet products. We love the planet.... you love the best organic cosmetics!


  • 100% natural deodorant
  • Made from exclusively organic ingredients
  • Packaged in a handy and compact container
  • Ideal for in an airplane or at a festival
  • With normal use, sufficient for 2-3 months
  • Has a hydrating and soothing effect
  • Available in 5 divine, fresh scents
  • Ideal to always have with you

Suggested Use

Suggested use: Apply a small amount once a day, this is sufficient for 24 hours of freshness. Do you sweat a lot, or have an active day? Feel free to apply extra!

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