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Cooking Spray Olive Oil

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil spray from PAM
  • Nonstick cooking oil
  • Available in single bottles

Product Overview

Low sugar

Extra virgin olive oil spray for cooking or using on salads and dressings

Use this Olive Oil Cooking Spray from PAM for all your cooking needs, or on salads, vegetables or any other garnishes. The handy spray makes it easy to use the perfect amount which will stop your food sticking when you’re knocking up a tasty stir-fry after training!


  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil spray from PAM
  • Nonstick cooking oil
  • Available in single bottles

Suggested Use

Use according moderately according to needs and cooking requirements.

Nutritional Information


Cooking Spray Olive Oil Nutritional Information 1

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating (4.7)
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Did order it again!

Review by Anonymous on Aug 9, 2020
Has a higher burning temperature that the other available possiblity. It also lasts way longer

Très pratique

Review by Meryl D on Aug 2, 2020
Pratique pour contrôler sa quantité de gras
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werkt goed!

Review by Suus on Jun 15, 2020
Prima product! Werkt goed, doet wat het beloofd.
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Top alles supper

Review by Nicole22 on Jun 14, 2020
Alles natürlich und supper zu wenden immer wieder
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Ik haat koken...

Review by Mario on Jun 30, 2019
In tegenstelling tot vroeger sta ik steeds minder graag lang in de keuken. Maar als ik iets klaarmaak moet het wel verantwoord zijn én smaakvol. De PAM cooking spray is ideaal hiervoor.
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Goed product

Review by Joep on Jun 27, 2019
Smaak is naar verwachting creëert den goede anti aan bak laag.
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Top Produkt

Review by Mohamed on Jun 18, 2019
Macht das besten zum Kinderspiel. Alles in allem top.
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Ideaal voor koken en bakken

Review by Julia on Jun 13, 2019
Top dat je een soort olijfolie smaak hebt
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parfait vus que c'est zero calories

Review by mayssa on May 27, 2019
parfait vus que c'est zero calories
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Handig en makkelijk!

Review by Sophie on Feb 15, 2019
Ideaal snel en makkelijk. Ik gebruik het dagelijks.
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