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Captain Kombucha

Captain Kombucha
  • Naturally-fermented living green tea drink
  • ‘Better-for-you’ choice to soft drinks
  • Non-alcoholic alternative
From £2.75

Product Overview

Naturally-fermented green tea drink

All the rage with health and fitness enthusiasts, Captain Kombucha is a delicious sparkling, naturally-fermented, living green tea drink. Available in a 400ml bottle and six thirst quenching flavours, as a ‘better for you’ choice of soft drink or a non-alcoholic alternative.


  • Naturally-fermented living green tea drink
  • ‘Better-for-you’ choice to soft drinks
  • Non-alcoholic alternative
  • Six delicious flavours
  • Available as single 400ml bottles

Suggested Use

Drink anytime during the day.

Nutritional Information


Captain Kombucha Nutritional Information 1

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating (4.5)
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Review by nicole morten on Mar 16, 2021
I brought the coconut one and absolutely loved it!

Captain Kombucha - like it!

Review by T Hall on Dec 17, 2020
I like Capitan Kombucha, and have ordered it both in the UK and France from Body & Fit. My only comment is that you are more expensive than some of your competitors in the UK, where it is more widely available.

Man this tastes bad

Review by Laine Storey on Aug 12, 2019
I bought California Raspberry in my lunch break,I could manage more than a mouthful,I bought it home and left it in the kitchen and my partner that will drink anything had a mouthful he nearly spit it out in shock.I.m sure its good for you but need to have an anaesthetic in you moth to find the results.


Review by Emily on Mar 23, 2021
Ik lust alle smaken maar de original en cayennepeper zijn mijn favoriet. Spijtig dat het zoveel kost...
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Bevanda fresca

Review by Shana Carpanzano on Mar 16, 2021
Perfetta per la giornata! Gusto fresco e leggero, ottima post Workout o durante. Gusto ananas il migliore in assoluto
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Heerlijke en verfrissende drank

Review by Amanda on Feb 27, 2021
Ik vind alle smaken erg lekker <3
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Lekker en goed

Review by Romy on Feb 6, 2021
Het is lekker en goed voor de spijsvertering! We drinken het dagelijks met bruiswater
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Review by Monika on Feb 5, 2021
Dol op deze kombucha, vooral de smaak raspberry. Ik ben fan.
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Love this kombucha

Review by Nicole on Dec 9, 2020
super tasty and always refreshing. even better when mixed with vodka...
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Fris die met cayennepeper

Review by Gretch VM on Nov 23, 2020
Die kombucha let gember vind ik biet zo lekker. Maar smaken verschillen. De cayennepeper kombucha vind ik heel lekker en fris.
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