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Home Baking Bundle

  • Easy Baking Cake Mix
  • Whey Choco
  • Cacao Nibs
£27.97 £16.78

Product Overview

Valentine's Baking Bundle

We all give in to cravings for something sweet once in a while, yet when you’re working hard to get after your goals it can often feel like a step in the wrong direction. This Body&Fit Easy Baking Mix is the perfect way to treat yourself while staying on track. It contains only 100kcal and 73% less sugar than regular cake baking mixes (2.1g sugar vs. on average 26g sugar per 100g) per 30g slice. So, it’s great for supporting a sugar-conscious diet. Just add water and bake in the oven (using the baking tin included) for a crunchy outer layer with a deliciously light and airy inside that stays creamy until the last bite. Ideal for baking with the kids, enjoy with your afternoon tea or coffee and feel great about feeding your aspirations the smart way.

Want a sweet treat you can enjoy while sticking to your nutrition goals? WheyChoco is our delicious chocolate spread with high-quality whey protein concentrate – perfect to spread on bread, toast and bagels or anything else you fancy! You can also add to a smoothie, or a high-protein pancake. WheyChoco is also low in sugar making a great treat to add some fun, flavour and excitement to your day!

Make our Pure Cocoa Nibs one of your essential kitchen cupboard ingredients. You can use in home baking, sprinkle on your cereal, muesli or porridge and even add to a smoothie or shake. High in fibre and low in sugar, you can also just eat cacao nibs as they come!

Nutritional Information

Home Baking Bundle

For allergens, ingredients, storage advice and recommended usage please explore individual products from the below list.

  1. Easy Baking Cake Mix
  2. Whey Choco
  3. Cacao Nibs

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