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Vitargo Electrolyte

  • High molecular weight carbohydrate
  • 66g of carbohydrate per serving
  • Added electrolytes sodium, calcium and magnesium

Product Overview

Perfect drink for high-intensity endurance and team sports

Stay hydrated and maintain your performance levels during endurance training and sports with Vitargo Electrolyte. A high-molecular carbohydrate drink which includes the key electrolytes lost in sweat; sodium, calcium and magnesium, Vitargo Electrolyte also supports recovery post exercise. Drink this multi-functional fuel before, during or after exercise – a must for all endurance and team sport athletes!

Carbohydrate-electrolyte drink which also supports post-exercise recovery

Vitargo Electrolyte enhances hydration by increasing the absorption of water during exercise, while the magnesium also contributes to electrolyte balance. In addition, the 66g of carbohydrate contribute to your recovery after intense and/or long-lasting activity. To benefit, make sure your carbohydrate intake, from all sources, is 4g/kg body mass, within the first four to six hours after exercise.


  • High molecular weight carbohydrate
  • 66g of carbohydrate per serving
  • Added electrolytes sodium, calcium and magnesium
  • Enhances hydration and maintains endurance performance
  • Helps improve recovery post demanding exercise

Suggested Use

Fill a bottle with 200ml of water. Add 2.5 scoops of Vitargo and shake for 30 seconds. Add a further 300-400ml of water and shake again before drinking.

Nutritional Information

Nutritional information will be shown when a flavour and/or size is selected.

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating (4.6)
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Great product

Review by Tom L on Jul 1, 2022
This is great. Love the taste and how it allows me to reach new heights i n training. Can’t wait to see how it works for my event

Assez facile à dissoudre par rapport aux autres produits similares je trouve, bon gout, ça se boit facilement.

Review by Carlos on Jul 20, 2022
Bon produit
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Weet ik nog niet

Review by Moska on Jan 29, 2019
Ik merk niet veel verschil. Ik vind het smaak niet lekker smaakt gewoon kunstmatig te zoet zich maar
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Zeer effectief!

Review by Delano on Jan 18, 2019
Kwalitatief hoogwaardig merkbaar effect. Het levert wat men beweert dat het moet leveren. Enige nadeel is dat je continu moet shaken indien je een portie niet in 1x opdrinkt maar bijv gedurende de training. Als je te weinig shaken koekt het spul aan op de bodem en is dan lastig te verwijderen.
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Smaak is goed wel plakkerig

Review by Robin on Dec 8, 2017
Makkelijke aanvulling voor je koolhydraten
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Review by Leonie on Nov 1, 2017
Ook voor een dame werkt het goed. Gebruik het bij intensieve Crossfit trainingen!
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Al meermaals besteld goed voor tijdens en na de training.

Review by Zaran on May 21, 2017
Een positieve ervaring.
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