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Intra workout bundle

  • Ripped: No-nonsense capsule to support the goals of body composition focused athletes
  • Amino X: Refreshing sugar free, amino acid powder
  • Crazy Pre-Workout: 1320mg of creatine per serve to increase high intensity performance and 250mg of caffeine per serve to increase performance and alertness
£49.88 £42.40

Product Overview


Want a handy, no-nonsense tablet to help your body composition or weight loss goals? Look no further than Ripped! – we’ve combined five of the most popular ingredients – caffeine, green tea extract carnitine, green coffee extract and capsicum extract. On top of all that, the 225mg of caffeine will increase your focus and alertness. It’s a ripper!

Amino X

Make sure you’re properly prepared for your workout by enjoying Amino X from BSN beforehand as well as during and after exercise. A refreshing, sugar free amino acid powder, Amino X is packed with 10g of amino acids per serving that includes 4g of BCAAs, 3.5g of L-arginine and 2.5g of taurine. Plus, vitamin D and vitamin B6 help reduce fatigue and support energy-yielding metabolism.

Crazy Pre-Workout

Get ready to train hard with Crazy Pre-workout – a no-nonsense formula based on six top ingredients, including caffeine to increase endurance and alertness, and creatine to increase high-intensity performance. L-arginine and L-citrulline are precursors to nitic oxide, whilst beta alanine and taurine are popular pre-workout ingredients. Available in a range of great-tasting flavours.

Nutritional Information

Intra workout bundle

For allergens, ingredients, storage advice and recommended usage please explore individual products from the below list.

  1. Ripped!
  2. Amino X
  3. Crazy Pre-Workout

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