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Women's Day Bundle

  • Whey Choco - 250g
  • Smart Chocolate - 100g
  • Chocolate Moment - 64.5g
£7.26 £6.50

Product Overview


Whey protein chocolate spread that is low in sugar
Want a sweet treat you can enjoy while sticking to your nutrition goals? WheyChoco is our delicious chocolate spread with high-quality whey protein concentrate – perfect to spread on bread, toast and bagels or anything else you fancy! You can also add to a smoothie, or a high-protein pancake. WheyChoco is also low in sugar making a great treat to add some fun, flavour and excitement to your day!

Indulge your sweet tooth with great-tasting sugar-free Smart Chocolate
Looking for sugar-free chocolate that tastes great! Then look no further than Lovely Extra Dark Chocolate from Body&Fit Food. Our 72% cocoa dark chocolate comes in two mouth-watering types – pure cocoa nibs and coconut. All the taste with none of the sugar!

Make it the perfect moment with our tasty chocolate wafers
Enjoy the moment with the ultimate ‘better-for-you’ chocolate snack! Our delicious chocolate wafers only include sugar from natural sources and are perfect for when you need that sweet chocolate wafer treat. Ideal with your favourite hot drink, each pack includes three two-finger bars.

Nutritional Information

Women's Day Bundle

For allergens, ingredients, storage advice and recommended usage please explore individual products from the below list.

  1. Smart Chocolate (0 Sugar & 72% cacao)
  2. Whey Choco
  3. Chocolate Moment

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