A chat with Alix, Campaign Coordinator, Brand Marketing Team, Body&Fit

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I’ve worked at Body&Fit for a year and a half now and it’s been a great journey so far. When I first joined the company, I was working in a different position, dealing with merchandise and the e-commerce side of things. It was my first office job and I was excited to join this company, but I have a background in marketing and had dreams of eventually transitioning to a more creative position.

One of the great things about Body&Fit is how accessible everyone is— I discussed the internal opportunity to move to marketing with my manager and there was support for this. I recently moved to my new role as Campaign Coordinator. Interestingly, my original position helped me a lot in effectively fulfilling my current role.

Now, my job includes working with designers, brainstorming advertising ideas, creating campaigns, and reviewing content for email, social, and web marketing. In addition, we are constantly looking into ways to optimise our design and brand direction. Body&Fit has also launched operations in a few new countries, so my team is involved in the international roll-out. My work is always changing. I’m a multitasker by nature, so I love that every day here is different. I’m involved in lots of projects and work with a variety of people, which suits me well.

The atmosphere at Body&Fit is fantastic. We recently moved into a brand new office in Amsterdam, which means the entire team can be located in the same place. Unfortunately COVID-19 puts this on hold for now but we are all looking forward to a return to the new office in the future. I also appreciate how much freedom they give staff. We are trusted to fulfill our responsibilities and everyone’s voice counts. I may be young, but it’s comfortable for me to express myself openly. We are truly part of a team.

It’s also great to work for a company you believe in. I have always enjoyed sports and throughout my childhood in France, dance was my passion. I practiced 10 hours per week and participated in many contests and recitals. Dancing was my playground; it allowed me to express myself creatively! Now, I regularly practice yoga and pilates, so working for Body&Fit feels natural. I appreciate that employees here are given the opportunity to maintain a healthy work/life balance. This gives me time to play sports, go to the gym, and visit with friends in the evenings.

Since my move to Amsterdam from Paris, I have grown to love this way of life. This city is great! Things move at a much more relaxed pace than they do in France. I recently started my new position so I’m looking forward to learning from my colleagues and bosses. I think the brand team is my sweet spot. I hope to stay with Body&Fit and continue to progress and grow in my discipline.