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위의 제품은 해외 온라인 소매 업체에서 판매하는 제품입니다.
30개 이상의 국가로 빠른 국제배송 가능
₩60,000 이상 주문 시  무료 배송

건강을 생각한 간식 - 20% 할인가격에 구매하세요 (행사종료: 9월 21일까지)


Redken is a pioneer in the realm of professional hair products and was founded almost 60 years ago. The brand still leads the way in creating innovative haircare which tackles every hair problem. The company was founded by hairdresser Jheri Redding and actress Paula Kent, hence the name 'Red-ken'. Redken pioneered the 'Scientific Approach to Beauty' and radically changed professional salons by introducing the concept of protein reconditioning and developing new (patented) products with protein.

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