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Whey protein

Whey Protein, the superstar amongst protein. Whey protein is by far the most widely used protein source in the sports world. Whey protein is absorbable, easy to digest and therefore a very good choice for athletes. As your body absorbs it quickly, it is best to have whey protein shakes in the morning, before or after training, or when you need an extra protein boost. To maximize your fitness goals explore our range of casein protein, perfect for helping you grow and maintain muscle mass. Browse through our variety of high quality whey protein today.

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Lean Whey

Optimum Nutrition
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Protein Whey

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Versatile and delicious whey protein 

Whey protein powder can easily be added to your daily morning shake, smoothie, porridge or cereal. It could also be used to bake with; whether a muffin, cookie, pancake or home-made protein bar. It doesn’t have to be just a protein shake, it can be a great ingredient for the kitchen cupboard!


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