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Protein snacks and food

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Protein Snacks

Protein Snacks are an easy and efficient way to increase your daily dose of protein. From bars to drinks, find your favourites.

Protein Snacks Throughout the Day

As it is known that protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, it’s no wonder that protein snacks are a popular choice amongst a variety of athletes, from runners to HIIT fans. In comparison to other protein products, these on-the-go and in-between favourites offer a quick and easy way to up the ante on your daily protein intake. Our extensive assortment of protein snacks offers something for every moment of the day; from breakfast favourites to snacks between meals, and your protein dose when out and about.

Variety of Protein Snacks

In the Body & Fit assortment, you can find a wide range of protein snacks. Protein bars are a handy kit bag addition to use during the day or post-exercise. Protein drinks – a convenient, ready-made alternative to powders – are helpful at breakfast, post-exercise, or any time that it’s inconvenient to make a shake. Protein snacks include wholefoods, muffins and cookies, with bread, puddings and desserts also included in our range. Or you can get creative with protein baking mixes; you can make your own bread, pancakes, anything that fits your nutrition plan.

Your favourite Protein Snacks

From bars to drinks and baking mixes; choose your way to increase your protein intake from our versatile assortment of protein snacks.



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