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Protein Bars

Popular with athletes, or those just trying to be, protein bars are fast becoming one of the best protein foods for a quick, easy way to meet your daily protein needs. They are also great post exercise to help grow or maintain muscle mass. At Body & Fit we have a wide range of high-quality, great-tasting products to help fit your routine.

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Why choose protein bars?

Size and strength are an advantage in many sports but some people have difficulty cultivating mass. To put on size, you need to be in a calorie surplus. Weight gainers combine high levels of protein and carbohydrates to act as a convenient way to increase your calorie intake. When taken in conjunction with serious effort in the weight room, they can be a powerful tool in getting you to the physique you want.

Protein bars that fit your diet

If you're looking for low sugar protein bars, or specific meal replacement bars, then there a range of options for you to choose. Body&Fit offer our great tasting Smart Bar and Smart Bar Crunchy. If you are looking for a high protein high fibre bar then don’t look further than our Clean Protein bar. For all nutritional preferences; high protein, low sugar, added vitamins – we have the solutions for you.

Protein and muscle gain

Upping your protein intake is a great way to help grow and maintain muscle mass. Consuming a high protein bar can be a great aid to your workout regime. Many also ensure a low sugar intake also. And don’t worry; the taste of these bars is through the roof. Poor tasting protein bars are a thing of the past. Find your favourite taste and texture today! 


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