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Natural Peanut Butter

Body & fit Superfoods

  • 100% pure and natural peanut butter
  • Contains natural protein to contribute to muscle mass growth
  • No additives whatsoever!

Product Overview

Not your average peanut butter

Natural Peanut Butter isn't your average supermarket peanut butter. It's what it says on the jar: 100% ground up peanuts, and nothing else! It's peanut butter the way it should be. With us, you know exactly what it is you're putting in your body!
Our Natural Peanut Butter is a 100% pure and natural powerfood! It gives you the natural protein you can use without throwing in unnecessary salt or sugar.


  • 100% pure natural peanut paste
  • Contains natural protein that contributes to the growth of muscle mass.
  • 100% additive-free!
  • No sugars or salt
  • No preservatives

Nutritional Information


Natural Peanut Butter Nutritional Information 1

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