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Nut Butters

Craving food that’s as delicious as it is nutritious? Stock up on nut butters – your versatile source of protein and much more.
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What Is Nut Butter

Nut butter is swiftly earning its place on the shelves of many households. The days of being offered two choices of peanut butter at the supermarket– smooth or crunchy – are officially over, and the increase in consumption of a variety of nut butters is no surprise if you look at the benefits of these spreads. Not only do they taste great, but more and more people are realising the benefits of including them in their diet; they are a natural source of protein and fibre. What is a nut butter? They’re just like any other butter, really, but they’re more versatile than that. They can be added to smoothies, drizzled over an apple or spread onto your favourite bread or rice cracker. Furthermore, nut butters are a delicious addition to cereals and yoghurts, and they can even be used in your baking, like cookies and cakes.

Nut Butter Nutrition

Find the perfect nut butter to complement your nutrition plan. From completely pure and natural nut butters without added salt, sugar, palm oil or preservatives to organic nut butters and high-protein nut butters. Delicious and nutritious, the best nut butters are a source of protein and fibre.

The Best Nut Butters

The nut butter collection of Body & Fit has plenty to choose from. Whether you like your nut butter packed with peanuts or cashew nuts, you can be assured to find your favourite in our assortment of our best nut butters. Natural nut butters are nutritiously packed spreads with little to no artificial additives in sight, and they still come in a range of creative flavours. If you swear by clean eating, then natural butters are right up your street. Nut butters made from peanuts – dull, you say? Far from it. This category has evolved way past your average supermarket assortment and peanut butters now come in a variety of styles. Do you like yours a bit sweeter or perfectly balanced with a pinch of salt? Opt for runny, or would you rather have silky-smooth? Mix-and-match and find the nut butter which best suits your taste. If you’re not a fan of peanuts, you will surely find your new go-to nut spread amongst the best cashew nut butters or almond nut butters. Cashews make for a creamy, silky texture combined with a mellow flavour, and almonds are another source of nutty goodness that taste great and are a nutritious powerhouse. Apart from these main categories, there are several other nut butters in the Body & Fit stock. Find the one that you like best on bread, with your apple or in your oats. Fill up on the goodness nut butters have to offer.



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