A chat with Anna, Finance Business Partner, Body & Fit

I’ve always wanted to help people, to do something that’s making a difference in the lives of others, and working at Body & Fit, I’m privileged to be part of our customers’ health and wellbeing journeys.

I joined Body & Fit in 2019 as a Finance Business Partner. I’m working more on the commercial side of the business, looking at the efficiency of our promo campaigns and pricing, and really trying to understand the sports nutrition market — it’s all new to me but I’m learning!

I’ve always worked in finance. I started my career as an auditor and then worked at a large multinational company for nearly 13 years. But I always wanted to work in an industry that helps people to live healthier lives, so Body & Fit was exactly the switch I was looking for.

No matter what products people are buying on our website, whether it’s protein or vitamins or sports clothing, it means that they’re looking after themselves, they want to feel better and they want to improve the quality of their lives. And I’m observing the whole chain, from the moment we get the product, to when it’s bought by our customers, to the point when we receive feedback on our product and we’re acting upon this feedback.

Learning motivates me as much as helping people does. I’m learning about the industry, about our customers, about our products and finding ways to do things better and more efficiently. We’re scaling up and entering new markets at the moment too, so this means understanding a whole new consumer base and helping to improve the customer journey on our website. We also have our B2B business so for me, it’s exciting to see our products on shelves in physical stores and to see people enjoying them.

Health and wellbeing are important to me. I have kids, so I want to stay fit and healthy for myself and to set a good example for them. I love salsa dancing — that’s my hobby. But I also make sure that my kids and I are eating healthily, that we lead a proper lifestyle and spend a lot of time outside. That’s why Amsterdam is such an amazing place to live and work — you can cycle everywhere!

Body & Fit provides an amazing mix of experiences so if you’re interested in being involved in a wide variety of projects and activities, it’s a great place to be. You get to work with people from all over the world. Every person I meet is a delight to work with, from both a personal and a professional perspective, because everyone is bringing such a vast amount of knowledge from different industries and backgrounds to Body & Fit. Plus, there are so many changes happening right now and we’re experiencing amazing growth — it’s a rare treat to be able to join a company when it’s at such an exciting stage.