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Vegan Protein

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians, our plant-based proteins are a great alternative to dairy proteins.
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Plant Based Protein

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians, our plant-based proteins are a great alternative to whey protein.

Proteins from Plants

It is known that protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Although dairy has long been a favourite protein source, there are several potential reasons to opt for plant-based proteins instead. If you choose a vegan or vegetarian diet, plant-based protein sources offer a daily alternative to dairy protein powders. Or if you’ve decided to lower your daily intake of lactose, or suffer from lactose intolerance, you can indulge in our plant-based alternatives to dairy protein. And for flexitarians, these products are a great way to mix up your dairy intake throughout the week.

Popular Plant Proteins

If you wish to (partly) move away from dairy products and whey protein, plant-based proteins are ever growing in popularity, offering a wide variety of choices. Body & Fit UK select a broad range of plant-based protein powder products. Whether you already prefer to use dairy free protein powder, or you’re still searching for a new plant protein product in your routine, we’ve got something for everyone. Find a broad variety of plant-based products in our assortment.

Variety of Plant Proteins

It can be difficult to choose between the large variety of plant-based products available, so let us break down the plant-based proteins that are most frequently used: pea protein, hemp protein and almond protein. Pea protein powder is made by extracting protein from peas and can be mixed into smoothies and shakes or stirred through your oatmeal or porridge (with plant-based milk) in the morning to provide a protein-rich start to the day. Hemp protein is another sought-after plant-based protein and, just like pea protein, considered a super food. This powder is suitable for vegans, vegetarians and raw food fans alike to give a dairy free portion of daily protein. Its nutty flavour and creamy texture make it a great addition to smoothies and shakes, or you can add it to your baked foods, like muffins or pancakes, for an extra dose of protein. Almond protein is another game changer in the plant protein department. Almond flour has often been used in cakes, but this nut has now also earned itself status as the all-round dairy free protein favourite. If you wish to avoid whey protein, almond protein offers a great alternative and is a versatile addition to protein-bolstered meals and snacks like shakes or baked goods. Its silky texture is especially suitable for overnight oats or puddings or can even be stirred into mashed potato. You can find pea protein, hemp protein, almond protein, soy protein and other plant-based products in our extensive range of products.

Buy your Plant-Based Protein Products from Body & Fit

Whether you prefer your dairy free protein source to be from peas, hemp, almonds or soy, we’ve got you covered. Buy your plant-based protein products online at Body & Fit.



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