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Over 50.000 positive customer and product reviews

Meet Lisa: holistic nutritionist

At Body&Fit we are on a mission to inspire the world to live a fitter and healthier life. Whatever people are into, for all their personal fitness journeys, we're here for them with the products, expert nutrition and community they need. ‘Fit’ is not a one size fits all, which is what our recently launched #FINDYOURFIT campaign is all about. So, who better to inspire you than real people who are part of our community, and their own stories of finding their fit. This is Lisa; a holistic nutritionist and owner of Slim Vision - an online platform and community supporting members with a positive mindset, self-love and nutritional advice. Lisa has a bachelor's in Nutrition & Dietetics and, in addition to running her own business, works as a nutrition advisor for Body&Fit. 

How growing up with roots all over the world turned me into a holistic nutritionist  

“While I was born in Amsterdam, my roots are in Indonesia, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, and England. That's why I didn't grow up with typical Dutch food, because I ate something from a different country every day. I built a connection between food, the cultures associated with it, and sharing meals with others, which is where my passion for nutrition and health started. So, I started studying Nutrition & Dietetics. Out of curiosity for the connection between psychology and eating patterns, I completed the honours program 'Psychology of food'. During my graduation research, I was looking for answers on questions like; why do you eat what you eat? How can an imbalance arise? And how does cognitive behavioural therapy help? I mapped out the wishes and needs of young adult women who wanted to lose weight and was eager to put that into practise. After working as a coach and learning myself how to get rid of emotional eating, I started my own business. My greatest passion is to help people become healthier but, above all, a happier version of themselves! Therefore, I consider myself to be a holistic nutritionist. I believe that health is more than just looking at your diet and exercise pattern. I prefer focusing on you as a complete person. If one part of you is not right (physically, emotionally, mentally, or in your environment), other parts are also affected. I believe that you can work on optimal health by finding the balance in every aspect of your life.” 

I was stuck in a vicious, toxic circle of guilt around food 

“Anyone who knows me well knows that my favourite word is balance. I like to eat pizza, ice cream, crisps, and many other foods that aren't necessarily considered ‘healthy’. By now, I know that there's a way to eat these foods guilt-free, but that certainly hasn’t always been the case. 

In the past, when I looked in the mirror, I focused on everything I wasn't satisfied with. I felt my legs were too big, my hips too fat, my breasts too small, my shoulders too wide and so on. Also, I never felt happy with myself and the way I was living. It was difficult for me to be proud of my achievements. Everywhere I looked, I saw women who seemed to have a perfect life and I was constantly comparing myself to them. I was stuck in a vicious circle: I felt sad because I was too critical of myself, comforted myself in bed with food, then afterwards felt extremely guilty. There was a mean voice in the back of my head: ‘See, you can't do it.’” 

How I turned things around – a positive mindset is key  

“I started my education in Nutrition & Dietetics, started working at a gym and bought healthy juices and protein bars here and there. Problem solved? Absolutely not! After all, my mindset was still the same and I could only love myself if I met all my conditions. ‘If I'll lose … kg I'm good enough. Only when I get to the gym often enough and tone my body, will I really be beautiful’. You guessed it; that's not exactly the best motivation to start your journey to a healthier life. 

I wanted to count calories and exercise but couldn't keep up and felt embarrassed, which only made me even more insecure. One day, I was completely done with it. I was determined to change my mindset, build a healthy relationship with food and become positive in life. To me, this meant eating a donut without feeling guilty about the ‘empty calories’, believing in myself, having positive thoughts when looking in the mirror, and not punishing myself for skipping the gym when my body needed rest. I read up on self-development books, talked to many experts, completed my education, listened to podcasts and did everything to create a kind of 2.0 version of myself. My love for food came back. I no longer saw a delicious pasta dish as an evil carbohydrate bomb you shouldn't have, but as something that you can enjoy every now and then. I was also able to do sports again that gave me pleasure and energy, instead of working out to burn calories. I really enjoy going to the gym now, although I had to take friend for me at first since I was still a little scared to go on my own. Now, I also have a membership which allows me to join all kinds of different sports and I'm really loving that variety; one day I’m doing Yoga, then Pilates and who knows, maybe next week I’ll be on a SUP board, haha. Doing sports doesn't have to leave you tired and exhausted, as it can give you a huge boost in energy as well. The great thing about your health, is that when your basics are right, there is room for things like drinks, parties, extensive dinners and movie nights with friends. When there's room for this kind of relaxing comfort food, there's no longer the need to feel guilty afterwards.” 

Sharing my lessons around (emotional) food overeating 

“In recent years I have worked hard on myself, and I have gone through a transformation. I'm more positive, I've learned about nutrition and its effects on your mental and physical health, a healthy lifestyle, self-love, psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy, and much more...and I’m still learning every day! Not only am I healthier but I also feel a lot better about myself and therefore I also want to help others to become a happier & healthier 2.0 version. That’s why I started my company Slim Vision where I coach women to become healthier and happier mainly by learning self-love. On top of this, I also work as a Body&Fit nutritionist which gives me a lot of energy. I believe you have everything already in you to get everything that you want in life, you just have to believe in it.” 

A day in the life of a foodie holistic nutritionist 

“When I wake up, the first thing I do is take a shower. That way I'm awake and ready for the day! Then I have breakfast with my boyfriend (sometimes an Instagrammable smoothie bowl with Vegan Perfection and other times a boring peanut butter sandwich) and fill out my Slim Vision journal. Time for work! I provide individual & group coaching as a holistic nutritionist. At the end of the day, I schedule at least one self-care moment. Whether that is going into nature, exercising or something else. I always feel very energised afterwards. Lastly, I go for a nice dinner, preferably with the sun on my face. I close the day with writing down positive thoughts & a daily evaluation.” 

The Body&Fit products Lisa likes to use 

When I've been exercising or when I'm on the road, any of these bars are ideal as a snack. They are tasty, have good nutritional values ​​and always fit in my bag. 

Body&fit Vegan Perfection Special Series - I can't tolerate lactose very well in larger amounts, so the Body&Fit Vegan Perfection is perfect for me! 

Follow Lisa's inspirational story as well as her motivational business via Instagram and at Welkom bij Slim Vision ( 

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