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Protein Strawberry & Vanilla Popsicles

15 min
255 min

For 6 popsicles of +/- 80 ml each


Summer is a great time to throw something new and extra cool together. It’s also refreshing year-round to get creative in your freezer section and relive those summery vibes. Here’s some iced popsicles, in inspired new flavours, using Body&Fit Juicy Whey Isolate or Juicy Vegan Protein to give them that extra protein kick. Perfect for chilling out in the garden or refreshing yourself after a really intense workout. Try these out and let us know how they go down.

  1. Bring water to the boil and add the tea bag to your freshly-boiled water to steep for 3 minutes. 
  2. Add the Body&Fit Juicy Whey Isolate in mango, Body&Fit Natural Flavouring in vanilla, and 8 strawberries to the tea and blend. If you’re using an electric blender, make sure to not blend too vigorously, since this will create a thick layer of foam. Leave the mixture for a few minutes to let any foam (created during blending) set. Meanwhile, cut up the other strawberries in thin slices.
  3. Stick the slices of strawberry to the inside of your moulds, or mould alternatives - and throw in a couple of blueberries. Pour the mixture on top, and freeze for at least 4-6 hours. Pop them out, and most importantly — enjoy.



If you prefer a plant-powered popsicle, swap out the Body&Fit Juicy Whey Isolate for the Body&Fit Juicy Vegan Protein. You can also mix and match this recipe with any flavour of the Body&Fit Natural Flavouring, Juicy Vegan Protein, and Juicy Whey Isolate, so get experimenting and create your own versions.

If you don’t have any popsicle moulds handy at home, use some empty plastic yoghurt cartons, some plain muffin trays, or even shot glasses — all these work just as well. 

Lastly, adding the cut up fruit to the mixture gives these treats an extra fruity and zingy flavour-kick, you can experiment with those too, it may alter the nutritional values slightly depending on what you use.