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Mass Gainers

Weight gainers are an ideal way to add extra calories to your diet if you’re looking to build muscle mass or simply gain weight for another reason. We have a complete range of top-quality mass gainers from Body&Fit and other premium brands, from high-calorie weight gain shakes to delicious protein weight gainer bars perfect for snacking on the go. Tailored over our years in the industry, we make it simple to reach all your weight management goals.

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Explore our complete range of mass and weight gainer powders, shakes and bars expertly designed to give you all the calories and nutrients you need to reach your weight gain goals. Check out our blog to learn our top 5 tips to keep your bulk under control along with other great articles, plus lots of tasty recipes to support your gains, like this popular protein quark bread.

What is weight gainer?

Weight gainers are high-calorie powders, snacks and supplements designed for intense trainers who are looking to increase muscle mass (typically during a ‘bulking cycle’) or anyone looking to put on weight for various health or personal reasons. They contain concentrated levels of protein, carbohydrates and fat to make getting more calories into the body easier than eating lots of food.

Why take weight gainer?

To gain weight, you need to eat more calories than you burn. Weight gainers are a great way of getting those extra calories into the body, especially if you struggle to eat a lot of food. They also make tracking your calorie intake much easier as you know exactly how many calories your shake or bar contains.

When should you use weight gainer?

The best time to take a weight gainer depends on what’s in the product. Most weight gainers contain high levels of protein and BCAAs, so they’re great to take an hour or two after a workout. A weight gainer that is high in carbohydrates, however, is better to take in the morning or before your workouts as then you have time to make use of all the energy they’ll give you.

How do you take weight gainer?

Weight gainer usually comes in powdered form, so you’ll need to mix 1-2 scoops (or more, depending on the product instructions) with water, give it a good shake and enjoy. Some people like their weight gainer shakes with milk for the extra calories and flavour.

What is the difference between a weight gainer and a mass gainer?

A weight gainer is typically rich in carbohydrates and fat and low in protein, which helps gains in the form of fat. As such, they’re ideal for leaner people looking to put on weight in a bulking phase. Mass gainers are usually high in protein to help support the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.


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