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Over 50.000 positive customer and product reviews

Fat Burners

Your weight loss journey is personal, and your diet should reflect that. When deciding your plan, you should consider your current food intake, how much exercise you do and how much weight you want to lose. There are many different products at Body&Fit that can help you reach your goals, including weight loss supplements, meal replacement shakes, and low calorie foods. All of these products can help you lose weight and help support a healthy diet.

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Keep your weight under control with fat burners 

Weight loss is best achieved through a combination of exercise and nutrition. Food supplements can be included to supplement this lifestyle change. At Body&Fit we offer a range of products that target energy metabolism, and macronutrient metabolism, in addition to medical devices that have specific roles such as our Fat Binder that helps reduce the gastric absorption of fat from food. 

Complement with a meal replacement powder

Meal replacement products are specifically formulated to support weight loss and weight maintenance after a period of weight loss when used to substitute 1 or 2 meals during the day. They include carbohydrate, fat and protein in addition to fibre and vitamins and minerals. They are a handy way to keep your weight down while making sure you get the nutrients you need.


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