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Whey protein

Whey protein is one of the most popular types of protein powders because it is easily absorbed and digested by the body. Our wide selection of whey protein powder is ideal for anyone that needs an extra protein boost!

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Protein bars

Protein bars are quickly becoming one of the best protein foods for a quick, easy way to meet your daily protein intake needs. Explore our wide range of high-quality, great-tasting products to help fit your routine!

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Vegan protein

Looking for vegan protein products? Vegan protein is high in protein, and a good supply of 31 vegetable, plant and fruit extracts. We offer a wide range of plant-based protein products. Check it out!

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Our favourite Body & Fit products

Best sellers

We’re justifiably proud of our huge range of protein products, but even prouder of you and what you achieve using them!

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Body & Fit protein bars

At Body & Fit we have a wide range of great-tasting protein bars, full of top quality milk proteins and fibres, that are perfect as a snack or for after your workout.

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Our newest proteins

We’re always on the move! This means listening to your feedback, then developing or sourcing the best new protein products, and putting them in your hands.

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Protein Power for your lifestyle goals

Discover a great range of nutritional foods and supplements at Body & Fit. From popular brands to carefully chosen new products, we’ve selected an extensive range of protein powders, protein bars and shakes to aid muscle growth and maintenance, whether as part of a training regime or simply to support a health-conscious lifestyle. 

Great-tasting Protein Powder

Quick and convenient, protein powder can be an ideal food supplement. Why not try protein powders as a top-up to a morning smoothie, blended with juices or cold-infused teas during the day, or simply consumed post workout as a protein shake. Shop online at Body & Fit and find the Protein Powder today.

Protein Shakes for an active lifestyle

Our bodies rely on proteins to support the growth of muscle mass. It is generally thought that the frequency of protein intake throughout the day is as important as the total amount we consume during the day. Protein shakes, foods and snacks offer options to help maintain your protein intake at regular points throughout the day.