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We’ve put together an impressive range of low-calorie products for every conceivable situation. Why not check out our low-calorie pancakes?

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Superfoods are a valuable contribution to your healthy nutrition plan. Find your favourites and discover new products in the Body & Fit assortment.

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Our protein-enriched foods are as tasty as they are nutritious. Check out our range of delicious cookies!

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Our favourite snacks

Our favourite Body & Fit products

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We’re justifiably proud of our huge range of food and snacks, but even prouder of you and what you achieve using them!

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Bars & snacks

Explore our range of on the go bars & snacks – easy, convenient and delicious!

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New food and snacks

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We’re always on the move! This means listening to your feedback, then developing or sourcing the best new food, snacks and brands, and putting them in your hands.

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High protein bars

Popular with athletes, or those just trying to be, protein bars are fast becoming one of the best protein foods for a quick, easy way to meet your daily protein needs. They are also great post exercise to help grow or maintain muscle mass. At Body & Fit we have a wide range of high-quality, great-tasting products to help fit your routine.

Nuts, seeds and wholefoods

When trying to manage a healthy lifestyle, nuts and seeds are a great, versatile snack. They are high in fibre and a natural source of protein making them a perfect snack between meals, whilst on the go or added to a range of your favourite recipes for an added nutrition boost. Keep your eye out for our nut butters too - they bring an extra layer of excitement as a tasty spread or addition to your shakes and smoothies.

Your daily essentials

Not everything is about high protein! Don’t forget your high fibre cereal, a versatile bag of oats to make porridge or add carbohydrate to your smoothie. And for the adventurous ones; we’ve plenty of home baking mixes to help you to make your own muffins, pancakes and cookies. Whatever you need to maintain a healthy diet, we have you covered. 

Foods for all dietary preferences

No matter what your dietary preferences, whether high protein, low sugar, high fibre, low calories, vegan or gluten free – just be sure to select accordingly and we’ll point you in the right direction. We believe in inclusivity to all and offering a choice no matter what your dietary goal.