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Talk to pretty much anyone working out at the gym, and sooner or later the conversation turns to creatine! Powders, capsules, shakes – you name it; we’ve got it!

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Looking for essential amino acids or branched chains amino acids (BCAAs)? We offer a wide range of powders, tablets and drinks.
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New Products

We’re always on the move! This means listening to feedback, developing the best new sports nutrition products and putting them in your hands.

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Endurance - Lifestyle

Body & Fit has the ideal supplements for endurance athletes. Having energy at the right time is sometimes difficult, supplementation can support you before, during and after your workout.

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Amino acids

We offer a wide range of essential amino acid products which, along with a healthy diet, can help ensure you get all the nutrients your body needs.

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Pre workout

Pre-workouts refer to a wide range of products containing various combinations of ingredients, as well as many with added ingredients for specific purposes.

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All-sports Nutrition

All Body & Fit’s sports nutrition products are designed to support and complement the athlete’s diet. Whether you’re a gym enthusiast trying to raise the bar, a triathlon fanatic, or you want to win that championship for your team. Training for your first or umpteenth marathon? Squatting 33 or 330 pounds? First time inside the ring or on a winning streak against yourself? Sports nutrition products can help you to push your limits. Body & Fit sports nutrition gives rugby players, runners and lifters the tools to help them make that winning touchdown, go that extra mile or lift that extra weight.

Nutrition for Athletes

Links between performance and sports nutrition are ever-growing, and extensive scientific research backs the use of supplements, when taken properly. Although sports performance nutrition products and supplements cannot replace a balanced diet, the right additions complement and support your intake and help you achieve your goals. Some necessary nutritional building blocks can be difficult to get from your diet alone; the Body & Fit range is cleverly designed to support you, exactly where you need it. Whether you’ve got your nutritional routine sorted and want to stick to your favourites, or you’re building your nutrition plan from scratch; you can choose from our broad range of nutritional products for athletes.

Round–the-clock Active Sports Nutrition

Before, during and after exercise, our extensive range of active sports nutrition provides something for everyone. Taken 30-60 minutes before exercise, pre-workout sports food (packed with ingredients like caffeine and beta alanine) is key in priming your body and yielding energy and focus. Workout nutrition like essential amino acids and BCAAs which are the building blocks of protein. And then the ever-popular creatine is your go-to exercise nutrient when you want to hit the HIIT; it is known to increase physical performance in successive bursts of short-term, high intensity exercise. For endurance training, sports supplements like electrolytes, carbohydrate bars, gels and drinks are the best training buddies.

Body & Fit Sports Nutrition

​​​​​​​Find out more about our extensive range, suitable for your sport, your goals and your fitness regime. Push your performance to the next level with Body & Fit sports nutrition.


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