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Natural Flavouring

Body & Fit
  • Flavourings for shakes, smoothies or baking
  • A choice of 12 delicious flavours
  • Calorie and sugar-free
From £5.25

Product Overview

Low Calorie

Sugar-free, calorie-free natural sweetener to add flavour to your favourite foods and snacks

Add some flavour to your cooking, shakes or smoothies with our Natural Flavouring – handy flavours sweetened from natural sources with stevia to keep things fresh and tasty for anyone trying to cut down on sugar. One drop is the same as one teaspoon for sweetness and they can also add flavour and excitement to your baking, whether pancakes, cakes or your morning porridge. Available in a choice of 12 delicious flavours – you can even combine and find your favourite mix!


  • Flavourings for shakes, smoothies or baking
  • A choice of 12 delicious flavours
  • Calorie and sugar-free
  • One drop equates to one teaspoon with regards to sweetness
  • Available in 55ml bottles, easily pipette

Suggested Use

Add according to taste to hot and cold drinks, smoothies, yoghurt. Use three drops with one glass of water.

Nutritional Information


Natural Flavouring Nutritional Information 1

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating (4.0)
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Aromi naturali

Review by Eva on Feb 26, 2021
Io sono molto soddisfatta, gusti sono buoni e veramente ben dolci
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Review by Schunder on Feb 15, 2021
Trinke meinen Kaffee immer mit Flavedrops und bin mit der Schokovariante sehr zufrieden.
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Review by Rachel Franssen on Jan 16, 2021
3 druppels is voldoende en mijn yoghurt heeft meteen smaak!
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n'a aucun goût

Review by Mar on Dec 17, 2020
J'ai goûté à la vanille et à la fraise et elles n'ont pas de goût, elles donnent un goût amer.
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Genial pour les pâtisseries

Review by Romane on Dec 14, 2020
A utiliser sans modération pour les pâtisseries et dans du fromage blanc !
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Bene ma non benissimo

Review by Luca on Dec 9, 2020
Bisogna considerare che i flavours non incidono sull'apporto calorico dei dolcificanti in maniera sostanziale. Utilizzare dei prodotti ottimizzati ha quindi poco senso di per sé. Ho provato questi prodotti in quanto avevo però necessità di fare un po' di scorta e il vasetto da 50 ml mi sembrava un'ottima soluzione. Purtroppo però l'aroma fornito non è intenso al pari degli altri prodotti tipo vanillina o bacche di vaniglia, il che fa sì che le dosi debbano essere aumentate. Per questo motivo non mi sento pienamente soddisfatto del prodotto, ma continuerò a valutarlo ancora al fine di comprenderlo a pieno.
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Prima smaak

Review by Sterre on Dec 9, 2020
Lekker zoet, kaneel smaak is prima. Wel iets meer nodig dan een paar drupjes.
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Sapore Top

Review by Raffaele on Dec 9, 2020
Aggiungere sapore allo yogurt greco senza sensi di colpa
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Review by Lydia on Dec 7, 2020
Deze zoetstof is lekker in de yoghurt. Niet te sterk van smaak. Is goed te doseren.
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Review by Daria on Nov 29, 2020
Ich liebe die Flav Drops ,diese Blaubeere Himbeere habe ich aber nicht bemerkt, ob sie überhaupt funktionieren. Schade Versuche aber mit anderen Geschmackrichtungen
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