We’re on the lookout for real people ready to share their expertise, their personal journeys and their favourite Body&Fit products with the world. At Body&Fit, we believe that ‘fit’ is not a one size fits all. Everyone has their own unique goals, challenges, and idea of what ‘fit’ means to them. We also understand that going at it alone is never easy.
That’s where you, as our brand ambassador, come in.  
If you want to share your knowledge, health and fitness tips and tricks, workout routines and tell the world about all of your favourite Body&Fit products, then we are looking for you. Personal trainers, nutritionists, gym enthusiasts, food lovers, or simply ‘fit’ seekers — if you’re passionate about inspiring others with your journey, we’d love to hear from you.  



We are always innovating and launching new products or flavours. Be the first to try them out and share them with your community.  

Never run out of shakes, bars or supplements again. Top-up all your favourite bars, shakes and supplements with a monthly product allowance using our gift cards. 

Treat your followers to your very own discount code to help them discover the right products to match their goals and get rewarded on your sales. 

Enjoy up to 10% commissions on sales by simply being your real self and spreading our message to the world. 

Get featured on our socials — we’ve got more than 500,000 followers across our channels who love to be inspired by, and follow, people exactly like you.  

Bring your knowledge and content to the next level with access to our internal team of nutritionist experts are available to support you and your community learn more about nutrition and the Body&Fit products. 

Meet fellow influencers and the rest of our community at exclusive events. It could just be the start of an exciting new collaboration.

Make your mark in the world of fitness and nutrition by getting involved in the creation of our products. We love to hear fresh new ideas from our community and collaborate on product launches. 

How does it work? 
If you have between 3,000+ and 15,000 followers in any given platform then apply with our Brandambassador program: 

1) Become a Body&Fit ambassador now, by creating your profile on our Brandbambassador platform. At the heart of our ambassador community is a fun and easy-to-use online experience. 

2) We will brief you with small missions every month to create and share content, rewarding you for each completed mission. You can always choose which missions to take on to stay true to your own style and brand.  

3) Within our platform, you will be able to manage your rewards, such as commissions and discounts. On top, you’ll always be up to date about what’s happening within the Body&Fit community - simply by doing what you love.  




If you have 15,000+ followers or more, can craft top quality content and have great engagement with your community, we'd love to work with you too. 
You can earn a flat fee for every piece of content you create, plus get rewarded on your sales. You’ll get access to the same benefits outlined above and even more exclusive partnerships with Body&Fit. Contact us below to learn more. 



If you are a qualified PT, gym owner or nutritionist, we’d like to hear from you. Share your knowledge and expertise to inspire others and help live a fitter and healthier live.  


Together, let’s take everyone on a journey to reach their goals and live a fitter and healthier life the Body&Fit way.  


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