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Home Baking

Fun, healthy and delicious; what’s not to like about home baking? Body & Fit stocks all the essentials to get you baking.
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The Best of Home Baking

You don’t have to rely on ready-made food. Home baking kits, whether high in protein or low in sugar, offer the chance to make your own nutrient-packed creations at home. Home baking gives you full control. Granted - it’s a bit more time-consuming than ripping open a packet, but isn’t it much more satisfying to bake your own pancakes, muffins, cookies and bread? Stuffed with everything that’s good for you, you’re in charge of every single ingredient that makes up those delicious sweets. Plus, (and here’s an argument for the efficiency fans) a whole batch of home-baked cookies or a loaf of bread can go a long way. Feeling creative or would you rather have a fool-proof method? You can either stick to the recipe or have some fun with it. Add yoghurt, fresh fruit or low-calorie syrups to drizzle over. Use your creations for breakfast and dessert or make your own snacks. Build from scratch with protein powder, egg whites and alternative flours – all available in our extensive home baking assortment. And when you’re done baking, those egg whites work just as well to bump up your protein intake in scrambled eggs or omelettes.



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