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Over 50.000 positive customer and product reviews

Get your body gym ready

Spring is here, and so are we to keep the gym focus and motivation going strong, whatever happens with lockdowns and the rest of the world. In some markets, gyms reopened mid-April, while in others we have to wait a little longer to be allowed back to our most familiar training ground. But when it comes to training a little harder, faster, longer, we can all do it wherever we are – especially with the right ally by our side. 


Body toning as summer approaches fast 

Spring and summer often means a good look at our bodies as we show off more skin. That’s why at Body&Fit we feel like some serious body toning is called for. Combine this with some pre and post workout supplements to maximise your muscle mass and help ditch excess fat. There are even some great products available nowadays that support fat metabolism day and night. And if you need a little help with a calorie deficit, our Low Calorie Meal, a full meal replacement, that contains less calories than a typical meal, might be just what you’re looking for. This shake has the right balance in protein, healthy carbs and fats, as well as added vitamins and minerals. Before you know it, your sculpted body shape will be ready to show off to the world. Feel great about yourself from the inside out, and enjoy the confidence-boost feeling fitter and healthier than ever brings you. 


Workouts to stop the muscle rut 

It’s a fact that if you work out the same area of your body too often without increasing training stimuli, it gets used to it and the exercise becomes less effective - it’s called going into a muscle rut. This is also known as reaching a plateau in your training. So if you’re a runner, start the serious work on your upper body and waistline, and if you’re more of a yoga and gym class type exerciser, now start a heavier weights regime alongside your usual classes. To keep your muscles healthy pre and post workout, think about Body&Fit Muscle Protect, the ingredients are proven to reduce fatigue and support energy metabolism to maximise muscle training. Or you can try a supplement like Body&Fit Ripped, for an added boost and extra focus. 


Swim your way into top spring and summer fitness 

There are a few types of exercise that tone more areas of the body – and swimming is one of these. It’s low impact, great cardio, burns a huge number of calories, and often works out the core, arms, and legs all at the same time. The added difficulty of swimming outside with varied weather conditions, and a colder pool than usual, help your body work out harder. Start with 20 full lengths (in a 25m pool) and up your amount every week by 5 until you’re doing at least 40-60 lengths per week or session (half this amount in a 50m pool). Make sure to maximise your pre-workout energy with some good nutrition at least half an hour before swimming, we have some great products that up the protein on things like pancake mix, or a shake that replaces breakfast for on-the-go like our high-protein breakfast option. If you’re between a meal try one of our handy protein-packed snack bars for some extra energy before or after the swim. 


Blast body toning with resistance band training 

The world discovered resistance bands during the past year mainly because they are so versatile. And bands can replace or work the same way as gym machinery in a lot of cases. They can work out many different areas of the body — simply choose some hard exercises for your target areas. It depends on your chosen brand, but blacks and blue bands are usually more resistant than the yellows and oranges so step into your hard colours and get going. Remember to add extra resistance when going back to the starting position, it works your muscle fibres even harder than allowing the bands to snap back naturally. EAA Energy could help you out with these exercises. It contains caffeine, but a relatively small amount of 100mg per serving. This is the perfect amount to enhance alertness and focus without having to increase your caffeine intake like you would with a typical pre-workout supplement. Moreover, it contains essential amino acids and vitamin C, contributing to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.   


  • 1 One-arm biceps curl. Sets 1 Reps 12-15 each side.  
  • 2 Flye. Sets 1 Reps 12-15. 
  • 3 Front squat. Sets 1 Reps 8-15. 
  • 4 Side-lying hip abduction. Sets 1 Reps 10-12 each side. 
  • 5 Glute bridge. Sets 1 Reps 10-15. 
  • 6 Splitter. Sets 1 Reps 8-10. 
  • 7 Lateral walk. 
  • 8 Press-up. 5-15 


Adding muscle tone in all the right places 

Losing extra fat and adding muscle is all about the right caloric balance combined with the right training: eat less calories than you burn and you lose fat, while training to add muscle. A pre-workout meal should contain healthy carb sources together with some protein; giving enough energy to improve workout endurance while supplying your muscles with the right amino acids. A good example is oatmeal with banana and a dairy source like milk. Of course, you can give your workout an extra boost with a pre-workout formula containing caffeïne, chili powder extract and the right amino acids and vitamins, such as our Ripped Pre-Workout. Post workout our experts recommend you assist your muscle recovery by eating enough protein with a complete amino acid profile. Body&Fit Whey Perfection, made from cow’s milk, has all amino acids you’ll need. If you prefer to go plant-based, make sure to combine multiple protein sources to ensure a complete amino acid profile. Our Vegan Perfection is made from pea and rice protein and does just this, providing you with 22 grams of protein per serving. 


Dress your success

Why not try a change of clothes alongside your toning fitness? Wait until you’re starting to see the results of training on your body and treat yourself to some new workout apparel. Nothing makes you want to train more than feeling good inside while looking good on the outside too. We have some great women’s tank tops or we can deliver just in time for you to show off your newly toned belly or men’s tanks that show off arms, and a great range of other clothing is available too. 


The good news is, by toning your entire body the results of training become much more noticeable. And a more muscular, toned, body naturally burns more calories anyway – so plenty of time for that summer ice cream. Enjoy!