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Low Calorie Meal

Body & Fit
  • A complete meal replacement to help support weight management and weight loss
  • High in protein to help you to maintain muscle
  • High-quality milk protein
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Product Overview

High Protein High Protein
Low sugar Low sugar

Complete meal replacement powder for weight loss and weight management

The perfect meal replacement powder to help with weight management or weight loss. Simply replace your meal – it can be breakfast, lunch or dinner – once or twice a day with our Low Calorie Meal powder. The powder fits into most diets or simply enjoy as a shake if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to cook. Smallest package/size does not include a scoop.

High in protein and low in sugar

Our Low Calorie Meal replacement powder consists of 40% protein and contains at least 30% of your daily recommended intake of vitamins and minerals. Between 200-250kcal per serving and, as an added bonus, it’s high in fibre and low in sugar! Low Calorie Meal replacement powder is available in three different pack sizes and up to six delicious flavours.


  • A complete meal replacement to help support weight management and weight loss
  • High in protein to help you to maintain muscle
  • High-quality milk protein
  • High in fibre and low in sugar
  • Contains a minimum of 30% RI for your A-Z vitamins and minerals
  • Can be consumed as a replacement for breakfast, lunch or dinner

Suggested Use

Just mix 58g of Low Calorie Meal (2 scoops) with 250ml of water and you have the perfect replacement for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Nutritional Information

Nutritional information will be shown when a flavour and/or size is selected.

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating (4.4)
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It works

Review by Heyi on May 17, 2021
I have been using this product for 2 months, it works, I have lost 4kg. And I will continue using it.


Review by Fabiola Gomide on Apr 8, 2021
I drink it every day in the morning, with skim milk and ice. I really like the chocolate flavor. I have been buying the product for 1 year. I am satisfied. If I overdo it on the weekend, I substitute two meals, breakfast and dinner and lower my weight.

Perfect fit in my diet

Review by Dave on Jun 12, 2019
Perfect fit in my diet

It works

Review by Tracy on Nov 30, 2021
We have been using this product for a few months, it works! So we will continue using it.
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Ideaal voor onderweg

Review by Theodora on Nov 25, 2021
Zeer tevreden over dit product. Bestel altijd de grootste verpakking, in vanille of banaan smaak. Ik doe er vaak iets minder water bij, zodat het iets dikker is en voor mijn gevoel meer vult. Zit voor mijn werk veel op de weg, daardoor weinig tijd om rustig te eten, daarom ideaal om tussendoor in te nemen, uit de handige shake beker. Waar ik met brood altijd maagzuur krijg, door de snelle hap tussendoor, heb ik met deze shakes nergens last van. Een aanrader.
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Review by Nadine on Nov 25, 2021
Ik doe 500ml water en dan 2 schepjes. Dan is de smaak precies goed. Niet te zoet en structuur niet te dik.
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Review by Heyi on Nov 20, 2021
The strawberry shake tastes okay, not strange at all. We use it instead of dinner. So far, we like it, and after drinking the shake, we don't feel hungry.
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Cappuccino zand

Review by Anne on Nov 16, 2021
Echt niet lekker! Sorry maar ik kon bijna niet geloven dat dit van B&F komt. Het lost niet goed op, drinkt als vloeibaar zand en zit het bijna kokhalzend weg te werken. Jammer. Smaak is goed, structuur niet.
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Ondersteunt goed bij het afvallen

Review by Klaas on Nov 16, 2021
Banaan, vanille of kokosnoot, allemaal heb ik ze al geprobeerd. De prijs is ook super. Smaken zijn goed en het vult prima ondanks dat ik ze alleen met water maak. Echt een aanrader dus
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Review by Nathalie on Nov 15, 2021
Chocolade en banaan, heerlijke smaken. Lossen goed op. Ik doe wel een klein laagje melk en de rest met water
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