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Whey Perfection

Body & Fit

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  • 22g of whey protein per serving
  • High-quality combination of whey protein concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate
  • Protein supports the growth and maintenance of muscle
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Product Overview

Low sugar
Low fat

Our premium whey protein powder

Our premium high-quality protein powder is packed with 22g of whey protein per serving, specially designed to help you grow and maintain muscle mass. For best results, enjoy after training, or anytime during the day for an easy protein boost. Whey Perfection will help you reach your fitness goals or achieve the perfect body tone and shape.

Complete protein source with all nine amino acids

Whey protein is the industry gold standard, fast-absorbing ‘complete’ protein source that contains all nine essential amino acids. Whey Perfection provides a blend of high-quality whey protein concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate, including 5g of naturally-occurring branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). To top it off, Whey Perfection is low in sugar.

Available in more than 20 flavours

And best of all, Whey Perfection even tastes great too. There are more than 20 different flavours available, so you can find your perfect match. Or try our unflavoured/natural option - perfect for anybody who wants to make their own homemade smoothies or get creative in the kitchen. The smooth, creamy texture allows you to get the most out of your protein shake, however and wherever you like it.


  • 22g of whey protein per serving
  • High-quality combination of whey protein concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate
  • Protein supports the growth and maintenance of muscle
  • 5g of naturally occurring BCAAs per serving
  • More than 20 delicious flavours

Suggested Use

Whey Perfection is fast absorbing, so we recommend adding one large scoop (25g) to 250ml of water or milk 30-60 minutes after your workout. Or just make yourself a tasty shake anytime during the day.

Nutritional Information



Whey Perfection Nutritional Information 1

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating (4.6)
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lekker smaak goeie shake

Review by ali on Mar 31, 2020
goeie shake normaal krijg ik acne van eiwit shake maar deze shake niet en en de voordeel is dat het lekker is


Review by DA on Mar 30, 2020
Great value for money! I usually buy the vanilla ice-cream milkshake flavour and find it tastes great with water, milk or in a shake.

Geweldig product

Review by JD on Mar 30, 2020
Makkelijk in gebruik en de white chocolate smaak is heerlijk!

Bestens zufrieden

Review by Stephan on Mar 29, 2020
Benutze das Whey nun schon länger und bin bestens zufrieden, Preis-Leistung/Qualität einfach unschlagbar. Meine Lieblingssorte ist Vanille Almound, ansonsten habe ich noch folgende im wechsel im gebrauch, Choclate,Vanille, Erdbeere, Peach-Mango, White Choclate und Pistazie, wobei Pistazie anscheined vor kurzen aus dem Sortiement genommen wurde :( der Geschmack war echt gut und mehr wie gelungen, da konnten bekannte andere Hersteller einpacken, naja schade.

Onlangs nieuwe receptuur

Review by Jan on Mar 29, 2020
Ik kocht altijd de chocolate cookie en deed deze door mijn havermout heen. Onlangs hebben ze blijkbaar een nieuwe leverancier en is deze proteïne niet meer te eten, het mengt niet en smaakt naar zoetstof. Dikke afrader!


Review by Sterretje12 on Mar 28, 2020
Ik vind dit de lekkerste Whey. Geen chemische smaak. Neem altijd de vanille milkshake, lekker als shake, om mee te bakken en in de havermout!

Gutes Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis

Review by Markus on Mar 27, 2020
Sehr gutes Prei-/Leistungsverhältnis. Ich verwende es zusammen mit Obst, Joghurt und Pea Protein Organic als Frühstücksdrink. Mir schmeckt es sehr gut und es ist für mich der perfekte Protein-Kick für den Start in den Tag!

Chocolate milkshake is top

Review by Fer on Mar 25, 2020
De chocolate milkshake van deze (gewone) serie is top. Goede smaak. Zeker als je m met melk mixt.

Whey Chocolate Cookie TOP

Review by Ferre on Mar 24, 2020
Heerlijke whey shake Chocolate Cookie is erg aan te bevelen!


Review by Michael on Mar 20, 2020
Choco,aardbei,vanille allemaal lekkef
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