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How To Lean Bulk Successfully

Do you want to build muscle without gaining a lot of fat? Then a lean bulk is just the thing for you.

To meet your muscle gain goals you need to eat more calories than your body needs per day. This process is called bulking. A good time to start a bulk is when you’ve cut down to a relatively low bodyfat percentage and you want to grow some more muscle. But you’ve probably worked hard to get lean and toned, so the last thing you want to do is cancel that out by gaining unnecessary fat.

Why do a lean bulk?

One of the most effective ways to bulk is the lean bulk. In contrast to a typical dirty bulk, a lean bulk – as the name implies –  is focused on staying relatively lean while you are bulking.

To achieve this, you’ll need to reign in your calorie surplus because excess calories will only lead to you to gain more fat, not muscle. It’s the main thing that separates it from a dirty bulk, in which you just eat as many calories as possible. Still, a lean bulk is no less effective for muscle gain goals.

There is only a certain amount of muscle your body can build within a set time period. How much depends on where you are in your fitness journey. While beginners can pack on quite a few pounds in a short time, you’ll see less growth the more advanced you get.

How to Lean Bulk?

Start by adding an extra 250 to 400 calories to your daily calorie requirement. This does vary from person to person, depending on how much you move and how long you have been training.

If you notice you’re gaining fat quite rapidly or that the scales aren’t moving up at all, don’t be afraid to adjust your calorie intake.

Make sure you track your progress along the way. That’s how you’ll find out if you’re moving in the right direction. Try weighing yourself in the mornings, and do a fat percentage test every now and then with a  fat percentage meter. And don’t forget to take pictures. Your weight isn’t a tell-all sign of your transformation. Progress pictures are probably the best way to get a visual on how much you’re changing.

Are you having difficulty gaining any weight? Try drinking your calories alongside eating right.  Think fruit Juices, whole milk or, if you really want to get serious, out Massive Gainer by Body&Fit.