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Smart Bar Crunchy

Body & Fit
  • 15-18g of protein per bar
  • Great as part of a high-protein diet or on-the-go protein boost
  • Protein supports the growth and maintenance of muscle
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Product Overview

High Protein
Low sugar

Deliciously crunchy high-protein snack bar

Looking for some real crunch in your high-protein snack bar? Containing 15-18g of high-quality protein per bar, our Smart Bar Crunchy is packed with crunchy protein crispies inside a chocolate coating to support the growth and maintenance of muscle. Ideal as an on-the-go protein boost or grab one after exercise to support your nutrition and training goals.

High-quality alternative to a protein shake!

High in fibre and low in sugar, this crunchy treat comes in eight appetising flavours, including your favourites like Banana Toffee and Chocolate Cookie. If you can’t decide which one sounds tastiest, then our variety box lets you try them all!


  • -          Available in more than ten fantastic flavours

Suggested Use

Grab this high-protein snack any time of day, whether you’re at the gym, in the car, or at your desk.

Nutritional Information


Smart Bar Crunchy   Nutritional Information 1

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating (4.7)
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Smart bar crunchy

Review by Lilian on Feb 19, 2020
Chocolate caramel is my favorite!

Great product! Rival to carb killers

Review by Big Dan on Oct 27, 2019
Great tasting and as good as carb killers with lower calories ! Coconut and chocolate is delicious 👍

Sweet treat with plenty of Protein

Review by Bza on Jul 3, 2019
Great treat post exercise when you want to raid the cupboard. These bars are a perfect way to restore those reserves whilst doing some good. Choc wafer flavour is perfect, nicer out of the fridge when cold.

By far my favorite bar

Review by Malcom on Jun 12, 2019
Really nice taste and crunchy bite

Protein bars with a bite!

Review by M. on Jun 12, 2019
The search has been long ... I have finally found protein bars which I like - LOVE. Only had the White Chocolate Cookie and the Blueberry Chocolate flavour so far but can't wait to try the rest :)

Recensione barrette

Review by Alessia Trovarello on Dec 21, 2020
Prodotto molto buono e buon apporto di proteine
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Top product!

Review by Anne on Dec 21, 2020
De Smart Bar Crunchy is heerlijk en echt verwenmomentje voor bijvoorbeeld na het sporten! Ik heb de smaak peanuts, chocolate & caramel geproefd en gelijk een nieuwe box van besteld. Ook de chocolate cookie variant in huis gehaald om te proberen! Het lage kcal gehalte en de hoeveelheid aan eiwitten maken de reep extra aantrekkelijk :)
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Super lecker

Review by Feysal on Dec 20, 2020
Sättigt und geschmacklich top ich finde alle Geschmäcker 😋
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Perfect snack

Review by Marian on Dec 19, 2020
These protein bars are really good. It's perfect snack for me, I'll definitely keep buying this
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Heerlijk tussendoortje

Review by Michelle on Dec 18, 2020
Heerlijk tussendoortje boordevol eiwitten.
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Smart Bar Crunchy
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540 grams (12 bars)
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