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Dairy Protein

Protein is known to contribute to the maintenance and growth of muscle mass. We offer a wide range of dairy protein products, including whey protein and casein protein supplements to help you maximise muscle growth effectively.

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Variety of Dairy Proteins

Dairy protein is known to be a high-quality protein source, containing essential amino acids. It’s a commonly used source of protein for athletes who want to up the ante on their protein intake. Protein powders make for a popular choice amongst dairy protein products, and Body & Fit stocks a large variety of these; whether you prefer whey protein, milk protein or dairy blends, we’ve got just the thing for you.

Dairy Protein Products

Being such a popular choice amongst dairy protein products, protein powders come in a range of different sources. Which one is your go-to protein powder? We break down the main categories; whey protein, micellar casein, dairy blends and milk protein. Whey proteins are the most well-known powders, including concentrate, whey protein isolate and hydrolysed whey protein. Whey protein is a fast-absorbed protein source and out of all the dairy protein products is best consumed post-exercise. Micellar casein, on the other hand, is a slow digesting protein that is best consumed right before you go to bed. Dairy blends benefit multiple digestion rates, due to a combination of protein source.


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