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Bars & Snacks

Bars and snacks are a convenient way to help meet dietary or muscle growth goals throughout the day. Find your favourites in our extensive assortment.

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Bars and Snacks for Dietary Goals

Your workout and your nutritional regime go hand-in-hand if you want to achieve a specific goal. Whether that goal is to maintain, lose or gain weight, or you want to grow muscle mass, a healthy diet is key on the road to success. Although they can never substitute a well-balanced diet, bars and snacks can be a great addition to your nutrition plan. Ready-made and in handy packaging, they are a convenient way to help meet your dietary goals throughout the day. Whether you want to increase your intake during a coffee break at the office or during your commute, or you want to fuel-up before, during or after training, bars and snacks always come in handy. There is something for every occasion and every dietary goal.

High-Fibre Snacks

Fruit and nut bars are used to help increase food intake between meals and can be a natural source of protein and fibre. Many contain no added sugar. Cereal bars with oats and grains also provide a supply of carbohydrate and fibre.

Low-Calorie Snacks

Low-calorie snacks that fill you up can be used as a meal replacement and can aid weight loss, when consumed in the context of an energy restricted diet. Find your favourite low-calorie snack in our extensive assortment of snacks and bars.

Protein Treats

Many of the snacks & bars in our assortment are high in protein, helping you to grow and maintain muscle mass. Protein bars are normally low in sugar and can be used as a convenient on-the-go snack or consumed post exercise to help grow and maintain muscle mass. If you want versatility in your protein snacks and you like to indulge in high-protein treats that are on the sweet side, then muffins and cookies are a great and ready-to-eat option. Or, opt for ready-made and high-protein desserts, puddings and chocolate. If you like your protein served on the savoury side, then nuts, crisp and seeds are your go-to protein snack.


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