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Glutamine the amino acid

Looking for glutamine supplements? Here at Body&Fit we offer a range of glutamine tablets and glutamine powders that help top up stores of this amino acid in your body. Glutamine is one of the most popular of the 20 amino acids and is the most abundant amino acid in essential for muscle growth. Other well known amino acids that help build protein or support your muscles are HMB and L-arginine. As your Gglutamine needs to go up during exercise, above what we make in the body. This is why it might it is worth considering an increase in glutamine levels to provide a healthy muscle recovery. powder or tablet. Browse through our range of glutamine supplements or amino acid blends to further support your immune system and muscle growth.

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Glutamine for high performance

If you’re a keen sports-person or fitness buff, protein is important in the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Protein is made up of 20 amino acids, of which Glutamine in one of the most popular. During times of heavy training our requirement for Glutamine is increased – this is why it is often referred to as a ‘conditionally essential amino acid’. 

A range of Glutamine products 

At Body&Fit we provide a range of Glutamine products to help meet your needs. Available in powders, capsule and tablets – you can consume on a daily basis or as part of your protein shake post workout. Glutamine is also combined with popular ingredients such as amino acids or creatine. So look out for the combination products that help you meet multiple training goals. 

Glutamine as part of a well-balanced diet

Glutamine is an amino acid that we make in small amounts in the body. However, we need to ensure out diet includes sufficient glutamine to meet our needs. Glutamine is naturally occurring in protein, so ensure you meet your needs for protein intake. During periods of intense training it is worth considering increasing your daily protein intake and using 3-5g of Glutamine on a daily basis.


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