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Cookies & muffins

These high-protein cookies and healthy biscuits are a more responsible choice to go with your afternoon coffee. Our Protein Cookies, for example, contain 15 grams of protein per biscuit. Check out the entire range below.  

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We stock a wide range of protein-rich cookies and biscuits, including our Protein Cookies. These delicious cookies are available in several flavours, including Double Chocolate and Salted Caramel, and contain around 15 grams of protein in each one — perfect as a snack after a workout (or any time of day).  

You can also check out our selection of protein bars for a quick and easy way to add extra protein to your diet.   

Bake your own healthy biscuits and cookies 

You can make your own better-for-you cookies, too. Just grab a few basic ingredients from your pantry, like flour, sugar, butter and eggs, baking powder, vanilla extract and chocolate chips. For an extra high-protein boost, add some whey protein. This makes it easy to increase your daily protein intake with a tasty snack. Go for your favourite flavour of whey protein or keep things simple with an unflavoured option. You can buy a natural versions of Isolate Perfection and Whey Perfection, for example, at Body&Fit.  

Check out our recipes page to get inspired for your next cookies baking session.  

Tips for baking healthy biscuits and cookies:  

  • Replace white flour with wholemeal flour. Wholemeal flour naturally contains more fibre and nutrients than white flour and can help keep your blood sugar stable.  
  • Replace sugar with natural sugars or sweeteners, such as honey, maple syrup, applesauce, coconut blossom sugar or dates. These natural sources of sugar contain less sugar than traditional white sugar as well as antioxidants and other nutrients. Our No Sugar, a natural, sugar-free and low-calorie substitute for sugar, is also a good option.  
  • Add nuts. Nuts, like almonds and walnuts, can add good fats and protein to your cookies. They can also provide extra crunch and flavour.  
  • Replace butter with other fats, such as avocado oil. These fats contain more healthy unsaturated fatty acids than less healthy saturated fatty acids. 


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