Congratulations! You’ve just taken the first step towards upping your Endurance game. Here you’ll find the bestselling and most relevant products to help you reach your goal, not to mention our e-book, Endurance Guide. It’s jam-packed with vital nutritional information for before, during and after your training sessions or competitions, as well as nutrition plans, recipes, tips & tricks, and much, much more! Oh! Did we forget to mention there’s also a special offer available on our Endurance package?


Our recommendations for endurance



Rocket Fuel

Whether you’re a professional endurance athlete or someone training for their first half-marathon, one thing’s the same. You start burning through your carbohydrate stores in no time, once you get started. And who couldn’t do with support during a training session or competition, right? And without unsettling your stomach either! With this in mind, Body & Fit has developed a whole range of carb-based products in gel and bar form, whichever works best for you, your sport, and your stomach! Among these products are our bestselling Rocket Fuel Energy Gels and Rocket Fuel Energy Bars.

Which are the best – bars or gels?

Isotonic Drinks

There’s probably one thing everyone can agree on totally – the importance of fluids, in general, but how vital these are to athletes, in particular. Water is our main source of fluid, but after endurance training and competitions, there’s a lot more your body needs than just water – carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to name just a few. The fastest way to top up these levels is often in liquid form, so what better than an all-in-one drink that helps you replenish yourself with added carbs and/or vitamins and minerals. Concentration levels of these added nutrients affect the speed at which your body absorbs them. We’ve got drinks, including isotonic drinks, in all types, flavours and packaging – you name it!

Which one’s your favourite?



We know how demanding endurance training and competitions can be. And how empty you feel afterwards! But you don’t just feel empty. By the end of it, your body is pretty much depleted of all its nutrients – fluids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Just when your body needs these the most – post-workout! Body & Fit has a product for every situation, in every form imaginable. Drinks, bars, shakes … you name it! So, grab yours now and start replenishing your fluid, carb, vitamin & mineral levels right away.

Which products will speed your recovery?

Ebook – Endurance

Our dedicated team of trainers and nutritionists has compiled this Endurance Guide to help you perform at the highest possible level in your chosen endurance sport \(or sports\), be it long-distance running, swimming, cycling, triathlon, etc. It focuses primarily on nutrition – everything you need by way of proteins, carbs, fluids, vitamins & minerals – before, during and after any period of prolonged exercise.

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