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Whey isolate XP

Body & Fit

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  • 25g of whey protein per serving
  • 100% whey protein isolate
  • The highest protein percentage protein powder in the Body&Fit range
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Product Overview

High Protein
Low sugar
Low fat

Purest whey protein in the Body&Fit range

Whey Isolate XP is the premium whey protein powder for anybody who’s serious about their training. Using only 100% whey protein isolate, Whey Isolate XP, provides 24g of whey protein per serving and boasts one of the highest protein percentages possible for whey protein powders. Specially designed to help you grow and maintain muscle mass, you can enjoy after training, or anytime during the day, to help reach your fitness goals or achieve the perfect body tone and shape.

Complete protein source with all nine essential amino acids

Whey protein is the industry gold standard, fast-digesting ‘complete’ protein source that contains all nine essential amino acids. Whey Isolate XP uses only 100% whey protein isolate which has undergone a series of sophisticated filtration processes to provide a powder that is low in sugar and fat and maintains and exceptionally high protein content. This is the one for anybody serious about their training.

Enjoy Whey Isolate XP your way

And best of all, Whey Isolate XP tastes great too. The smooth texture allows you to get the most out of your protein shake, however and wherever you like it. Or try our unflavoured/natural option – perfect for anybody who wants to make their own homemade smoothies or get creative in the kitchen.


  • 25g of whey protein per serving
  • 100% whey protein isolate
  • The highest protein percentage protein powder in the Body&Fit range
  • Supports the growth and maintenance of muscle
  • Low in sugar and fat
  • A range of great tasting flavours
  • Nutritional information may vary depending on flavour.

Suggested Use

Mix one large scoop (28g) in 250ml of water or milk 30-60 minutes after your workout. Or just make yourself a tasty shake anytime during the day.

Nutritional Information


Whey isolate XP Nutritional Information 1

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating (4.6)
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Sehr gut

Review by Sandra on Oct 25, 2020
Da ich nicht 70 Shakes in einer Geschmacksrichtung trinken möchte, habe ich "neutral" bestellt und ergänze diese mit verschiedenen Geschmackstropfen -3 reichen. Das Pulver löst sich im Shaker super auf, Tropfen rein und fertig.
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Très bons prix et qualité

Review by Arianna on Oct 19, 2020
Le goût au chocolat est délicieux et la qualité de protéines est haut pour le prix demandé
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Ottima proteina isolata

Review by Tommaso on Sep 25, 2020
Ottima proteina con materia prima volac ad un ottimo prezzo, eccellente profilo completo aminoacido! whey isolate xp gusto vaniglia approvato e consigliato
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Review by Mad on Sep 23, 2020
Super whey rien a dire
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Très satisfait du gout

Review by Grzelka on Aug 11, 2020
Le goût n'est pas chimiques très bon
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Excelente sabor e dissolução

Review by Ana Filipa on Jul 19, 2020
Está isolada tem macros muitos justas, sabor agradável não enjoativo, não provoca inchaço e tem excelente dissolução que é muito importante especialmente para quem usa com água! Excelente também em papas de aveia e panquecas e mousses. A minha favorita desde já uns meses, já vamos na 3a encomenda :)
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Review by Flavia Dayana Bianco on Jul 16, 2020
Tão perfeito quanto o Isolate Perfection, ótimo sabor e dissolução. Gosto muito do sabor de morango, combina com água, leite e batidos com frutas.
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Review by Alessandro Paoli on Jul 15, 2020
Valori nutrizionali ottimi, gusto buonissimo e prezzo competitivo. Consigliate!
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bonne whey

Review by Aurelien on Jul 7, 2020
juste éviter le gout fraise qui mousse énormément, du coup on avale beaucoup d'air,ça gonfle le bide et donne beaucoup de gaz
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Ottimo prodotto

Review by Alexandra on Jul 7, 2020
Io aggiungo queste proteine a yougurt, torte, frullati, pancake , e dolci in generale Ho preso il gusto neutro Mi trovo benissimo, è già la terza volta che le prendo Non formano neanche un grumo Consigliatissime!!!
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Whey isolate XP
Whey isolate XP
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5 flavours available
750 grams (26 Shakes)
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