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Speciality Protein

Body & Fit supplies a wide range of speciality protein. Find your favourite egg protein, organic protein and much more.

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Choose Your Favourite Speciality Protein

Body & Fit is inclusive to all consumer choices. We have a range of specialty protein available in our assortment, like egg protein – our speciality protein is known to be a high biological value protein and can also be used in baking. From organic protein to unflavoured protein, our wide variety of protein will brighten up your smoothies, baking and cereal.

Meal Replacement Products: More Than Just Protein

We also stock meal replacement products. As well as being a source of protein, these products also provide carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. The protein in these meal replacement products provides a key macronutrient and can contribute to your weight goal; whether that’s to maintain or lose weight. Substituting one main meal in an energy restricted diet with a meal replacement helps maintain weight after weight loss; substituting two main meals in an energy restricted diet with meal replacement contributes to weight loss.

Speciality Proteins from Body & Fit

Find the protein that fits your lifestyle in the extensive speciality protein assortment at Body & Fit. We stock all your favourite egg, organic and unflavoured protein, including many more, at speciality protein products.



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