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Collagen Peptides

Vital Proteins
  • 20g of bovine collagen protein per serving
  • Primary protein in connective tissue, hair, skin and nails
  • Protein supports the growth and maintenance of muscle and bones
From $49.99

Product Overview

Premium collagen protein to support an active lifestyle and keep you feeling great

Want to support your active lifestyle and feel great from within? Collagen Peptides, from premium brand Vital Proteins, is an unflavoured powder packed with 20g of high-quality bovine collagen peptides per serving. Collagen is an important structural protein prominent in your hair, skin and nails as well as connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and bone.

Popular supplement for anyone who enjoys high-impact sport or is conscious of their age

Collagen Peptides is popular with people taking part in high-impact sports, with a previous history of injury or just conscious of their age. Collagen Peptides is both gluten-free and dairy-free, and is a versatile powder you can mix in both hot and cold liquids – just add to your favourite foods, smoothies or shakes!


  • Sourced from sodium hyaluronate for improved bioavailability

  • No added sugars
  • Gluten and dairy free

Suggested Use

Mix two scoops to provide 20g and add to your favourite hot or cold foods and drinks.

Nutritional Information


Collagen Peptides Nutritional Information 1

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating (4.9)
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Great product

Review by Eliška on Mar 13, 2021
I love this product, after several months it made a huge difference. No more joint pain during/post my workouts. I mix it with my vitamin drinks, it dissolves easily, and a taste is hardly noticeable at all.

Collagen Peptides

Review by Leatitia on Mar 13, 2021
Great Product!!! Tastless so mixes perfectly with my morning coffee. All my friends speak highly of this product so I am yet to see the results which `I believe `I will see after 3 months. It is not a quick fix.. you must use it for long term

Looking younger!

Review by Rachel on Mar 3, 2021
After 2 days the lines on my forehead had visibly reduced! Cant wait to finish the pot!


Review by Anonymous on Mar 1, 2021
I have been two months drinking one scoop with my coffee all morning and I can see an improvement in my skin. 100% recommended. Body&fit delivery very fast.


Review by Hannah Banks on Mar 1, 2021
No taste at all, goes in my coffee every morning, haven’t been using it for long enough to see or feel any difference yet. Good amount of protein though. Delivery was fast, will order another one if I see improvements.

Love the product

Review by Andrea Nicholls on Feb 21, 2021
Been using for 2 months and love it so easy to use

Great product!

Review by Ben W on Dec 13, 2020
It dissolves quickly in any drink, and doesn't affect the flavour at all. Highly recommended!


Review by Jessica on Dec 12, 2020
Beautiful product is the best collagen powered I have tried

Vital proteins

Review by Ivana on Nov 26, 2020
Like it, good texture, no flavor,I'm using it in smoothies...hard to tell if I see improvments, buying a new one, so let's see

Gesundes für meinen Körper

Review by ReginaHeinen on Apr 7, 2021
Ich habe vor einigen Wochen mit dem Verzehr von Vital Protein bekommen. Es lässt sich hervorragend in mein Frühstück integrieren. Ich reichere damit mit Müsli an. Der Geschmack ist angenehm neutral. Ich stelle an meinem Körper noch keine nennenswerten Veränderungen fest. Trotzdem werde ich es weiter verwenden, zumal es mir ein gutes Gefühl vermittelt.
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