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Whey Perfection

Body & Fit
  • High-quality protein blend from 50% Isolate
  • 20 tasty flavours to choose from
  • Great-value everyday muscle nourishment
From $13.99
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Product Overview

High Protein
Low sugar
Low fat

High-quality complete protein

Not all protein powders are created equal. Whey Perfection is made from a blend of whey protein isolate, concentrate, and hydrolysate to create 22g of protein per serving. Containing all nine essential amino acids, this fast-absorbing protein source offers daily nourishment to support the growth and maintenance of your muscles.

Satisfying flavours and smooth taste

With 20 flavours to choose from, there's a shake for every taste, including our natural option — perfect for anybody looking to add an unflavoured protein boost to shakes, smoothies and even baked goods. Whey perfection mixes smoothly into both milk and water, however, and wherever you like it.. 

Loved for its value and versatility

Protein is just one of the building blocks to a varied diet, contributing not only to muscle growth but also to the maintenance of normal bones. Perfect as an anytime shake or directly after training to support results, Whey Perfection is a great-value option for fitness fans and the health-conscious alike to increase and manage their protein intake.


  • Complete protein source created from 50% Isolate

  • 22g of high-quality protein per serving
  • More than 20 delicious flavours to choose from
  • 5g of naturally occurring BCAAs per serving
  • Smooth consistency and versatile serving options
  • Low sugar

Suggested Use

To get the most results from fast-absorbing Whey Perfection, we recommend adding one large scoop (25g) to 250ml of water or milk 30-60 minutes after your workout. However, Whey Perfection also makes for a great everyday option, so feel free to enjoy at home on your own time, or simply on the go. 

Nutritional Information



Whey Perfection Nutritional Information 1

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating (4.6)
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Chocolate - I got a sample

Review by AndreaH on Nov 22, 2020
Normally I am a big fan of Body and Fit own protein, but it greatly depends on the flavour you choose. Vanilla always is a winner - the same applies to banana. But chocolate tastes a bit artificial. Other customers have said that as well, and I agree. It is edible. I would not throw it away, and I can definitely say it is not too sweet, but I would not want to have 2 kg of this powder.

Raspberry - very delicious and not too sweet

Review by AndreaH on Oct 14, 2020
I had bought 32 shakes of raspberry a while ago and opened it today. It is very delicious and highly recommendable. What I particularly like is that it does not contain artificial food colouring. Unfortunately I do not see raspberry in the listing anymore. Hope it will come back in spring or summer. Would buy a bigger container any time. Highly recommendable.

Good food

Review by Razvan on Sep 9, 2020
Very good protein

Red velvet

Review by V.B. on May 1, 2020
OMG this red velvet flavour is ace! A must try.

It Test good I like it

Review by Mohamed Elzamel on Jan 28, 2020
Its good I like it and after it finish I’ll order it again it’s great price for me

Great flavours and digests easily

Review by Steve on Dec 13, 2019
I am loving this Whey Protein. I have suffered from Crohns for a number of years and find most protein bloat and give me digestive issues. Body & Fit is one of the first main stream brands to work for my indies. Huge Thank you And the flavours are fantastic

Great tast and quality

Review by Diederick on Nov 21, 2019
Best protein shake I have used

Quality, taste and flavour

Review by Steve on Sep 14, 2019
After running my own brand for the last 8 years, only supplying the best quality ingredients, I found it incredibly difficult to find a brand that met expectations. Body and Fit is the brand for me, top quality ingredients, no cheap bulking agents, zero fillers, great flavours and specifications. My insides can breathe a sigh of relief and I can focus on the drive to more World titles. Thank you

Great product!

Review by Wouter on Jun 13, 2019
The taste is amazing! The best whey I know!

For me the best whey for the best price

Review by Dave on Jun 12, 2019
Excelent value for your money , whey is good and very tasteful. The delivery was fast within a few days. I would recommend the whey perfection to anyone ;)
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