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5% Nutrition Rich Piana
  • High dosed pre-workout
  • 470mg caffeine complex per serve using 8 caffeine sources
  • Caffeine increases endurance and alertness
From $62.49

Product Overview

Hardcore pre-workout drink to improve your performance

Prepare for a serious training session with 5150 Pre-Workout from Rich Piana. 5150 is packed with a 470mg caffeine complex to increase endurance and alertness, and vitamins B3 and B12 to reduce fatigue and support normal energy-yielding metabolism. Choline supports fat metabolism while 5150 also includes 4g of L-citrulline, 2.5g of beta-alanine, 1g of taurine and 750mg of N-acetyl L-tyrosine. Available in four great-tasting flavours.

Caffeine enhances physical and mental performance

Caffeine, one of the most popular pre-workout ingredients, is commonly found in tea and coffee and is proven to increase your endurance performance. To get the best results take 3 mg/kg bodyweight at least one hour prior to exercise but make sure you avoid other caffeine for at least 24 hours beforehand. Combined, the mental and physical benefits of caffeine give you the energy, focus and drive to succeed!


  • High dosed pre-workout
  • 470mg caffeine complex per serve using 8 caffeine sources
  • Caffeine increases endurance and alertness
  • Vitamin B3 and B12 reduce fatigue and support normal energy yielding metabolism
  • Choline supports fat metabolism
  • 4g of L-citrulline, 2.5g of beta-alanine per serve
  • 1g of taurine and 750mg of N-acetyl L-tyrosine per serve
  • Available in a 375g tub and a range of fantastic flavours

Suggested Use

Take 30-60 minutes before training by adding one scoop to 180-250ml of water.

Pre-workouts in powdered form have a tendency to clump due to the hygroscopic property of the ingredients. Simply pre-workouts contain ingredients that attract water molecules at room temperature forming clumps and hardened blocks of powder.

In principle, this product is safe to use and meets the highest quality requirements. Once the powder is loosened, it dissolves well in liquid and the product maintains its properties.

Nutritional Information

Nutritional information will be shown when a flavour and/or size is selected.

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating (4.6)
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Goood stuff

Review by Damy on Feb 19, 2020
Good working pre workout, really good effects


Review by Marcel on Nov 26, 2021
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Prima pre-workout

Review by Umoo on Aug 19, 2021
Ik wissel deze pre-workout af met c4 ultimate, beiden werken goed. Bij deze rich piana merk ik alleen geen tinteling (weinig beta alanine)? En de caffeine is vrij hoog, wat ik na 4 uur nog steeds merk door slapeloosheid. Kan hier dus niet te laat mee trainen. Ook heeft deze geen creatine, wat ik los erin moet mixen. @bodyenfit sommige waarden, zoals taurine en caffeine verschillen tussen tekst en tabel.
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Waarom is die al maanden op

Review by Tim on Jun 8, 2021
Ik wacht al maanden op deze pre workout maar elke x staat er dat jullie die niet hebben. Wat is er aan de hand
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Produits au top

Review by Sofia on Feb 6, 2021
L'un des meilleurs pré workout du marché
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bon pré wourkout

Review by mostafa on Feb 5, 2021
bon pré wourkout mais attention au caféine très élevé , tu vas pas dormir le soir et si mieux de prendre la moitié de la dose je déconseille pour les personnes qui ne supporte pas la caféine
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Pre workout

Review by Orhan gazi on Jan 31, 2021
Dit was me eerste ervaring met pre work out. Drink zelf geen koffie of energie drank. dus had verwacht dat ik hem extra hard zou voelen, maar ik voel er helemaal niks van, en het is een harde klont.
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Pre work out

Review by Pascal on Dec 22, 2020
Veel te veel cafeïne
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beste prework out

Review by rags on Dec 19, 2020
Na enige tijd bij een concurrent te hebben besteld.Overgestapt naar body en fit.. Hier de 5150 preworkout besteld en snel geleverd..Geweldige boost en geen crash na de training. En een geweldige pomp.!
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Beste pre workout

Review by Yous on Dec 18, 2020
Beste pre workout die ik ooit heb gehad. Enige nadeel je slaap is ver te zoeken na het nemen van deze.
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