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Vitamin D

At Body&Fit, we like to help people pursue nutritious, well-balanced diets packed with all the nutrients the body needs. If you’re worried that you’re not getting enough vitamin D, you can rely on our vitamin D3 supplements to get you back on track. With added nutrients like in Puritan's Pride's Calcium Magnesium Citrate & Vitamin D Capsules, or Vitamin D3 tablets for vegans, Body&Fit has the product for you. Whether you’re not getting enough sun during the winter months or you don’t like oily fish and other vitamin-rich foods, we can help.

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The Sunshine Vitamin

Your body naturally produces vitamin D when it is exposed to sunlight. In Europe, where our exposure to sunlight might be low, supplementing with Vitamin D3 can be recommended. Vitamin D is important in the normal function of many processed including bones, muscle and immune function. 

Convenient and easy to swallow

At Body & Fit, we understand that people take supplements in different ways. That’s why ours are available in different forms, including tablets, soft gels, capsules and drops. If you choose the drops, you can add them to your meals without anyone noticing.