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Get equipped for your training and raise the bar with our sports accessories.

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Explore our range of comfy yet stylish joggers for men.


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Discover our vast collection of stylish leggings for women.

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Move with the support you need in joggers, t-shirts and more that are made to flex with you — keeping your look on point from gym to rest-day.


Clothing for women

Gym, pavement or park; Body & Fit has the right women’s clothing for every training. Find your favourites amongst our women’s gym clothes here!

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Clothing for men

Our men’s gym clothes look great inside and outside the gym. We stock all the essentials – from vests and t-shirts to joggers and hoodies. Check it out!

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The right prep for every training starts with the right sports clothing. Whether you’re hitting the pavement or the gym, wearing suitable clothing will get you moving. We stock a wide range of clothing, for every sport and every workout – both indoor and outdoor. From shirts and hoodies to leggings and shorts; we’ve got you covered. Plus, sports clothing (or active wear) has become a big fashion trend over the last few years, so you can be sure to look great in them after your workout, too - in the shops or on your commute.


Every sport comes with accessories. Whether you’re a passionate runner, active lifter or a yoga fan, Body & Fit stocks the essentials for your sport. Get equipped for your training and raise the bar with our sports accessories. From water bottles to fitness mats, find the essentials for your workout routine amongst our extensive stock of the best sports accessories to upgrade your training kit and set new goals. 

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The right clothing and accessories keep you moving. Find the clothing and accessories for your sports and your lifestyle in the Body & Fit collection.