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Serious Mass

Optimum Nutrition
  • 1250 kcal per shake
  • 53g of high quality protein per serving to help the growth of muscle
  • 250g of carbohydrate per serving to help the body recover
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Product Overview

High Protein High Protein
Low sugar Low sugar
Low fat Low fat

Increase muscle size and weight with Serious Mass powder

If you’re looking to increase muscle size and weight then Serious Mass from the makers of Gold Standard 100% Whey is just what you need. One of the best-known weight gain powders available, each serving of Serious Mass is packed with 53g of protein to support the growth of muscle. Plus, 250g of carbohydrate, and 1250 kcal per serving boosts the number of calories in your diet, while Serious Mass is also packed with added vitamins and minerals, as well as creatine, glutamine, inositol and choline. Best of all, Serious Mass comes in six fantastic flavours and tastes great too!

Packed with high-quality ingredients to help build size

Serious Mass is packed with high-quality ingredients. Whey protein concentrate, calcium caseinate and egg albumin provide a high-quality protein blend that includes all amino acids. The source of carbohydrate is maltodextrin, which helps to aid recovery after intense exercise – so long you as you take on board 4g/kg body mass within 4-6 hours of your exercise. With an added vitamin and mineral blend to support your daily nutrient intake plus a delicious creamy taste, Serious Mass is a must for anybody serious about getting bigger!


  • A blend of vitamins and minerals

  • Added glutamine and choline
  • Supports muscle building and weight gaining

Suggested Use

Just mix two scoops of Serious Mass (334g) with 710ml of water to create a tasty, calorie-packed shake. 

Nutritional Information

Nutritional information will be shown when a flavour and/or size is selected.

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating (4.6)
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Very good

Review by Craig on Dec 18, 2020
Great flavour and not as alkaline as others. if you try it .I think you won't go back to other brands

Top product

Review by Alexandru on Oct 28, 2020
One of the best gainers out there

Serious mass

Review by YLS on Oct 25, 2020
Cookies n cream, good taste, +2kg in 1month


Review by Ryan on Aug 25, 2020
The produce is perfect for me to bulk up. Recommend it


Review by Heezerd on Jul 8, 2021
Mix het met water. Gooi er 4/5 ijsblokjes in. En het is drinkbaar.
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Review by Anoniem on Jun 24, 2021
Snel veel kilo's aangekomen. Meng met heet water voor een "kind of tasty" chocomel!
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Review by sa on Jun 22, 2021
doet wat moet doen
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Beste weightgainer

Review by tim on Jun 12, 2021
Banaan, chocola, strawberry en cookies en cream geprobeerd. Zijn allemaal lekker maar cookies en cream het minst en banaan het meest. Gebruik het al een paar jaar, kom er makkelijk mee aan. Je kan beginnen met 1 scoop per dag tot je niet meer zo snel aan komt en daarna 2 scoops
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Werkt goed

Review by Wasim Halabi on Jun 9, 2021
Door een goede voeding schema te volgen en de weight gainer te gebruiken, kwam ik 8kg aan. Het werkt prima dus!
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Een weight gainer die werkt!

Review by JdB on Jun 7, 2021
Zelf iemand die moeilijk gewicht aankomt. Meerdere weight gainers geprobeerd, maar met deze pas echt succes behaald.
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